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Showing the bizarre fashion sense of the early Enz. "A shrine to the best dressed band of all time."
Dedicated to the Split Enz and the many bands in some way connected to them, including Crowded House, Finn (aka Finn Brothers), and ENZSO.
Amazon offers True Colours (Audio CD),09 September, 2004
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Surely others have reviewed??? / 4
As "The Enz"'s defining work, I'm amazed nobody else has reviewed it. However, given the myriad covers (and, for the uber-lucky, laser-etched vinyl!) maybe this is just an example of Amazon's inability to match them all under one banner.

Much has already been said about the band's lacklustre success prior to the release of this album and their own admission that they'd call it a day if this one didn't chart. But CRIKEY! this is a top album, vocalised songs as well as Tony ("Eddie") Rayner's brilliant instrumental track.

Yeah okay, so they'd stopped being an all-Kiwi band by this stage (Englishmen drummer Mal Green and bassist Nigel Griggs having long-since replaced my friends Paul Emlyn Crowther and my father's co-teacher [in Maths, at Sacred Heart - later St Paul's - College,] Mike Chunn by this time) but the underlying essence of the album still retains the modesty of earlier works sort of like a "virginal" stage-piece band.

Being an enormous fan of such prog-rock as 1960s Supertramp, Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd, Iron Butterfly and Genesis, it is incredible how this album turned a corner for Split Enz - almost 180 degrees from a prior album, the "interesting" Dyzrithmia and not at all in keeping with the "Rootin' Tootin' Luton" origins of their best-ever (IMHO) "Frenzy" - with such radio-friendly singles and B-sides.

If you do not own this album, you cannot be even 10% a Split Enz fan - it really is the cornerstone of any Enz collection - from "Beginning of The Enz" to "Enz with a Bang"... and the incalculable compilations and live reincarnations since!

Song "Dirty Creature"
Dirty Creature come my way from the bottom of a big black lake
Shuffles up to my window making sure I'm awake
S'probably gonna pick my brain
Got me in a vice-like grip
He said one slip, your dead. Ha.

Dirty Creature of habit, Little horror here to stay
Anyone in his right mind would tell it to go away
But the river of dread runs deep, full of unspeakable things
The creature don't mess around
I don't wanna mess with him

I don't wanna sail, I don't wanna sail
I don't wanna, I don't wanna sail tonight
Dirty Creature's got me at a disadvantage from the inside.

Tentacles on the brain keep me from falling asleep
I'm rooted to the spot, The beast don't know when to stop
Sneaking up from behind, Binds and gags my wits
Dirty Creature got my head exactly where he wants it

I don't wanna sail, I don't wanna sail,
I don't wanna, I don't wanna sail tonight,
Taniwha is waiting for me just below the surface so bright
Even as we speak the Dirty Creature springs a nasty surprise.

Dirty Creature knows my type found it in a magazine
He's seen the look of fear before splattered all over the screen
The animal magnet thug draws me out of myself
I need a dragon-slayer who can save me from myself

I don't wanna sail, I don't wanna sail,
I don't wanna set sail for the middle of nowhere tonight
Dirty Creature's got me at a disadvantage from the inside
I don't wanna sail upon the waters of invention tonight True Colours: Music
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