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4 Brunswick Street
Unofficial band site, featuring member biographies, discography, news, reviews, pictures, media clips, and related links.
The Punters - Yahoo Group
A mailing list for a great Newfoundland pop/rock band with traditional influences.
Kristy's Punters Pictures
Take a look at some pictures that Kristy has taken of The Punters in various cities.
Prohibition Way
A fansite which include lyrics, links and tour dates.
Punters, The
Fan site, featuring brief biography and discography of the band.
The Punters Place
The first Yahoo club dedicated to one of the coolest bands in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Punters
Profile pages includes biography, message board, merchandise, band facts, interactive poll and links.
The Punters - Official Site
Official site for this Celtic rock band from Newfoundland. With show dates, news, discography, biography, quotes, downloads, and links.
The Punters Forum
A message boards for fans to gather and discuss all (well almost all) things Punters.
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Song "Faith In You"
If you were the sun
And one day you lost all your light
And you disappeared
I¡¯d stand in the dark all alone
And wait through the night
And I¡¯d feel no fear
I might not know what to do
But you¡¯d shine again like brand new
I¡¯ve got that much faith in you

If ever the lights were to go out between us
If ever the raindrops should start to fall
Should the winds of distrust ever rock our foundation
I know we could weather it all
I might not know what to do
But I do know we¡¯d make it through
I¡¯ve got that much faith in you

And if you were the moon
And one night a big black cloud
Came and covered your face
I¡¯d stand in the rain
Like a statue tall and proud
Till the clouds blew away
I might not know what to do
But you¡¯d make the rain roll on through
I've got that much faith in you

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