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BBC - Radio 1: Liberty X
News articles about the band.
Liberty X-Online
A fan site offering lyrics, interviews, pictures, biographies, wall paper downloads and a forum.
Liberty X
UK pop and R&B band. Biographies, lyrics, news, appearances, and photos.
Liberty X
Official site of the UK band. Offering audio and visual downloads, competitions, news, release details, merchandise, lyrics, group biography and a message board - Liberty X
Pictures, behind-the-scenes commentary, and in-depth biography.
Liberty X Community
An MSN members community for fans of the band to chat.
Liberty Xpress
An un-official Australian orientated website for the UK pop group. Site features band news, biographies, downloads and multimedia content.
Amazon offers Thinking It Over (Audio CD),22 April, 2003
Pop music artists |  Liberty X  | pop stars List price $31.99
Song "Dream About It"

I didn't wanna talk
I didn't even know your name
But the way that you moved your body
I could tell that you were game
As I moved a little closer to you
You cast your spell on me

I didn't wanna stop
Didn't wanna miss a beat
Cos the passion inside of you
Knocked me off my feet
There was nothing I could do about it
You had a hold over me
It must have been plain to see

But don't go jumping to conclusions
I ain't looking for romance
I'm having the best time now
But please understand

Don't even think that I
Wanna run away with you
Never assume that I
Could ever feel the way you do
Who said a thing about
Love forever true
Don't even dream about
Dream about it

You led me to your ride
Pulled the soft top down
I could tell I'd got your motor running
As we cruised through town
As a warm breeze strokes your body
I felt you touching me
It wasn't just a fantasy

Don't ever dream that this could be
More than just sexuality
Just 'cos I'm knocking boots with you
You ought to think yourself lucky
To land yourself a squeeze like me
So you just appreciate it
Before you go and waste it

Liberty X - Being Somebody - music review
This is not a bad album, just one that could have been a great album if made with a little extra care. Click for PHASE9 Single Review of Liberty X ... Thinking It Over: Music
Liberty X, have found the X factor. This album shines. 6 of 7 people found the following review helpful:. 5 out of 5 stars Simply ooozes class, January 17, ...

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