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Includes profiles, pictures, quotes, articles, and links.
Youngstown Charm
Includes profiles, lyrics, tour information, pictures, and links. Also includes information on the SC street team.
Youngstown Is Sexy
A fan site with biographies, rumors, photos, and fan fiction.
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Profile, pictures, and interviews.
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Upstate NY Youngstown Street Team
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Amazon offers Let's Roll (Audio CD),07 June, 2000
Pop music artists |  Youngstown  | pop stars List price $37.49
Disney Releases Their First Boy-Band! / 2
Conceived by those clever corporate minds at Buena Vista Entertainment, or Disney for short, Youngstown is just another addition to the already crowded boy-band mania currently sweeping the country. Not since the days of "Menudo," and the "New Kids on the Block," have I not seen an assault of boy bands in such a long time.

"Youngstown," who made their debut providing a song for the "Inspector Gadget" film release in 1999 ("I'll Be Your Everything") can carry a tune to a certain extent, however the evident corporate sponsorship heard in the lyrics of their song really doesn't do them any justice. Groups like N'Sync sing about love and good times, however when Youngstown sings about "go-go gadget this" or "Pokemon-that" (they provided a song for the Pokemon-2000 film soundtrack) you know you are not dealing with a group that writes and chooses their songs. Michael Eisner already has that job.

Similar to another popular Disney-produced band of the past, "The Party," this group needs serious redirection if they want to leave a mark in their field. Otherwise, they will become a thing of the past as they join other failed teenage ventures (Jordan Knight can you hear me?) of the past. It's sad, because I feel that this group has talent, yet they lack the power to change their image. I hope this group who originally hails from Youngstown, Ohio (hence the group's name) gets good career advice when it comes to reinventing their image.

On this Japanese import, the only thing different to this album compared to the American release is the addition of an extra track devoted to a remix of "I'll Be Your Everything." Why this is a good track in my opinion, three remixes on an album is one too much. Besides this, the album is equally the same as the U.S. release.
Song "Alive"
Verse 1:
I lie awake at night staring at the ceiling
Because it hurts too much for me to dream about you
Seems it's always something that you're keeping from me
What am I supposed to do
And I wanna know

I wanna know do you know I'm alive
Do you notice me
I'm the one who stands by your side, when you're in need
I wanna know do you know I'm alive
Do you think of me
Do you know that I'm alive

Verse 2:
You say I'm crazy for saying you've changed
But nothing that moves you even moves me the same
I'd rather be alone than let you live a lie
I want the old you back in my life

I wanna know do you know I'm alive
Do you notice me
I'm the one who stands by your side, when you're in need
I wanna know do you know I'm alive
Do you think of me
Do you know that I'm alive

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