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Amazon offers Roy Orbison Sings/Memphis/Milestones (Audio CD),25 October, 2004
Pop music artists |  Roy Orbison  | pop stars List price $27.99
For many their knowledge of Roy Orbison begins and ends with his 'big' hits from the early 1960's (Only the Lonely, Crying, and Oh Pretty Woman to name a few). But by 1965 the man with the 3-octave voice and the dark sunglasses moved to the MGM label.

While musical styles and tastes changed around him, Orbison continued to record his style of music, marked by big ballads and his operatic voice. At the time this combined with personal and professional turmoil lead to a decline in Orbison's career. As a result these MGM albums, which represents a huge chunk of Orbison's recordings, have been unavailable since their initial release.

For the casual Roy Orbison fan these albums being released on CD is nothing short than a breathtaking opportunity.

The three albums presented here, Roy Orbison Sings, Memphis, and Milestones represents the last albums Orbison would record for the MGM label. Despite how poorly they were received at the time these albums do showcase some incredible songs, amazing vocals, and an artist who was maturing and willing to take some chances.

Now, no longer competing against the pop sounds of the late 60's and early 70's this body of work can be appreciated on its own.

Song "What About Me"
You're happy now yes it's plain to see
You're not concerned with your old used-to-be
You've got no heartaches or misery
You're happy I see, what about me?

You pass me by with your head up high
You've no regrets since we said goodbye
You could at least show some sympathy
You're happy I see, what about me?

What about me? What about me?
I live with the promises you didn't keep.
What about me? What about me?
Those sweet words you said were just words to deceive.

One day you'll find your love untrue
You'll feel the same way I feel about you
You could at least show some sympathy
You're happy I see.what about me? Video: ( O ) / Orbison, Roy
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