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Entropic Empire
An analysis of the urban imagery in Vega's poems and songs by Philipp Hoffmann. Suzanne Vega
Includes biography, discography, pictures, articles, and message board.
Suzanne Vega
Official site includes news, tour dates, pictures, articles, interviews, lyrics, discography, reviews, and message board.
Interscope Records: Suzanne Vega
The website of Vega's record company contains news, a discography, a gallery, links and tour dates.
Desktop Theme
A Windows desktop theme by Wendy Chapman.
Uncwilly's Suzanne Vega Page
With a few transcriptions of interviews, music files and a large number of links.
Ectophiles' Guide - Suzanne Vega
The Guide is a comprehensive database of musical artists and groups as seen through the comments and reviews of the ectophiles.
Nilla Wafer's Suzanne Vega page
The site contains several photos from a booksigning and a concert, as well as a list of CDs owned by Nilla.
Gridbugs Review
Picture diary of Suzanne Vega at Glastonbury 2000.
Amazon offers Lilith Fair, Volume 3 (Audio CD),18 May, 1999
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Song "St Clare"
call on that saint
and the candle that burns
keeping her safe
until her return

plaster and paint
holding the fire
a poor woman's saint
holding all man's desire

bold little bird
fly away home
could I but ride herd
on the wind and the foam

all of the souls
that curl by the fire
they never know
all man's desire

watercress clings
to the banks of the stream
in the first grip of spring
when the snow melts to green

barefoot and cold
and holding a lyre
by the side of the road
holding all man's desire

call on the saint
when the white candle burns
keeping her safe
until her return

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