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Reflective, and personal. Highly recommended! / 5
Since Seth Alan Roberts turned 12, he hasn't stopped playing music. "The Love Of Life," his final album recorded with the full band Watashi Wa, is still one of my all time favorite pop records, and showcases a genuine talent and effort of a sensible, mature pop writer. It's a wonder that "All Of Me" never made it onto the MTV TRL countdown, that it never took over the radiowaves, that it never was seen by the world as the amazing pop jam it is, but I won't ever lose faith in Seth's ability to write catchy, melodic, and beautiful pop songs with incredible harmonies and progressions.

"Eager Seas" was going to be released as Seth's side project's debut album, and was originally set to be called "People Like People." For a series of complications, however, it eventually and finally is to be released under his original group name Watashi Wa.

In any case, this record has been done for quite some time, and has been mysteriously under the radar. Suddenly, it was slated for release this January, and I couldn't be happier. After hearing some demos and rough versions of songs on here, I was amazed to hear the full, mastered versions ringing through with resonance and a sense of longing. Filled with sustaining melodies and shimmering, beautiful guitars, it couldn't be any more somber and honest. Seth personally let me know about the struggles and encounters he went through the year this CD was recorded, and while I won't get into them, I was even more enthusiastic about the record when I felt his emotions pouring out of my stereo.

Songs like "Face" and "The Game" showcase Seth's keen sense of harmony and melody, with shimmering, cascading chords ringing clean and pristine. "I want to feel alive.." Seth pleads on "Sydney Tonight," a somber ballad that is perhaps the saddest song I have heard in some time. I was astonished to hear the remake of "Courtyard," originally a b-side from "The Love Of Life," and though the original version of "All Of Me" is on here, I'm glad because I think everyone in the world deserves and needs to hear that song.

All in all, this album is sad. I've almost considered it a retrospective glance into the love Seth felt and lost when his band Watashi Wa called it quits. He spent a long time, from adolesence into adulthood, playing music, and though he certainly hasn't called it quits by any means (look for more material from Seth hopefully in 2006--you can bet we will have it all first), this album is a glimpse into the final stages of his initial chapter in music. The love Seth has for music and for life certainly hasn't chnaged, and this beautiful collection is a reflective masterpiece that is distinct, honest, and truly a timeless effort by a talented musician. Buy this record and please, continue to support Seth in his future musical endeavors..if I even have to ask.

Song "Joanna"
Joanna, I love you
You're the one, the one for me

I'm in love, and I won't lie
She's my girl and always on my mind
She gives me her love and a feeling that's right
Never lets me down, especially at night, so

I'm gonna do the best I can
To please that girl and be her only man, see
She cheers me up when I feel alone
And that's why baby I've got to let you know


She's the one, the one for me
She's the kind of girl makes you feel nice, so
I'll try my best to do what's right
Take her for a ride - everything's fine


Searched so far, searched so long
To find someone - someone to count on
Now I feel I've got it right here
Found it in you, baby, you, my dear

We can do all night, so nice
We'll have it all and everything will be alright
I'm promising you, take it from me
Take it home, baby - take it home, baby

She's the one, the one for me
She's the kind of girl makes you feel nice, so
I'll try my best to do what's right
Take her for a ride - everything's fine

Ooh Joanna
Ooh Joanna


Joanna, (Yes I love you) I love you
You're the one, the one for me
Believe me babe when I say

Joanna (Yes I love you)
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