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Lyrics, a brief history, and the latest U2 news.
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A Mexican U2 fan club site featuring the PopMart Mexico concert in MP3 and some Real Audio excerpts from Bono's solo projects.
Live recordings for trading. Audio, video, and VCD formats.
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Includes quotes, lyrics, pics, facts, and a bio. Completely and totally devoted to U2.
Fanpage dedicated to the humour U2 shows, with jokes, funny lyrics, games, cartoons, misheard lyrics, and other fan stuff.
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Amazon offers Wide Awake in America (Audio CD),15 June, 1990
Pop music artists |  U2  | pop stars List price $11.98
If you... / 4
I'm still a bit mystified that this is in print in the same format. It's really just an EP, and has about as much music as a maxi-single. They should really drop the price or add some more tracks.


Here we have an officially released live version of Bad. Note that this is not the Live Aid version. It's still very good, much more pumped up than the studio version (excellent on its own, though). The sequencer and synth effect (practically inaudible on the studio version) is loud and clear, and the band proved they could take Eno's tinkering out on stage and make it work.

A Sort of Homecoming is a bit quieter than the rumbling original, and in excellent quality.

The other two tracks are outtakes from The Unforgettable Fire, or rather, they're B-sides from the British singles, thrown on here to make an enjoyable EP. Love Comes Tumbling is a quiet, somber track, but very well done. Sounds like a drum machine in use, the echo effects are kept to a minimum, and Bono's voice is strong. Three Sunrises is the opposite--one of the most boisterous, sing-out-loud U2 songs ever. Excellent.

Recommended, for sure. Tracks every fan should seek out, though it's a bit pricey for 20 minutes of music.

Song "Crumbs from Your Table"
From the brightest star
Comes the blackest hole
You had so much to offer
Why did you offer your soul?
I was there for you baby
When you needed my help
Would you deny for others
What you demand for yourself?

Cool down mama, cool off
Cool down mama, cool off

You speak of signs and wonders
I need something other
I would believe if I was able
But I'm waiting on the crumbs from your table

You were pretty as a picture
It was all there to see
Then your face caught up with your psychology
With a mouth full of teeth
You ate all your friends
And you broke every heart thinking every heart mends

You speak of signs and wonders
But I need something other
I would believe if I was able
But I'm waiting on the crumbs from your table

Where you live should not decide
Whether you live or whether you die
Three to a bed
Sister Ann, she said
Dignity passes by

And you speak of signs and wonders
But I need something other
I would believe if I was able
I'm waiting on the crumbs from your table - Review: U2's 'Bomb' fails to explode - Nov 30, 2004
U2 tends to remind me of middle-period Who: two bands whose pretensions are usually undercut -- beneficially -- by punkish roots and crack musicianship.
U2 Review.html
Review of Tampa and Miami show (where I met U2). Check out pictures of this event! We got to Houlihan's Stadium, Tampa around 5:00pm hoping to catch a ...
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