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Amazon offers Atom Heart Mother (Audio CD),25 October, 1990
Pop music artists |  Pink  | pop stars List price $17.98
Love It / 5
Atom Heart Mother- what a weird name and a weird album. As most Floyd albums go you MUST listen to it all the way through a couple times to love it. My first listen I wasn't impressed, but the more I listened the more it grew on me. Floyd is tied with Dylan, Young and My Morning Jacket for my favorite band- so I do have a bias. I know people who think Pink Floyd is crazy- even the popular stuff we hear on the radio (i.e. brain damage/eclipse, comfortably numb, another brick in the wall #1,2,3 ect.) I also know Floyd fans who find this album too eccentric for their liking. If you truly appreciate the creativeness in the Floyd albums, I think you will find this to your liking.
Song "Hooker"

[Chorus 2x]
And you ain't nothin' but a hooker
Sellin' your fuckin' soul

Back up! They want you, I swear
You got no worries, you got no cares
All you got is motherfuckers who will jock you
Yeah, you got money in your pocket
And you shoot up the ground like a rocket
You move so fast, lord you can't stop it
There you are in the club swingin'
And I'm just standin' there, standin' there laughin'
All the things people have you believin'
I feel sorry for your ass is out of season
Maybe you should think of cuttin' down drinkin'
Cause you look like a fat rat sinkin'
I coulda helped you, but you had to act out
You don't have a fuckin' clue what I'm about

[Chorus 2x]
And you ain't nothin' but a hooker
Sellin' your fuckin' soul

I saw it comin' through the line like a full back
You're a crack slack, a fuckin' rap back (yeah)
Don't react, you're not fact
Don't give a fuck, yes, like that
What you gonna do now that you ain't got nothin'
Look around honey, you been frontin'
Everybody knows that you're a fraud! (And I'm making records!)
My salutations, no hesitations
No reservation, just cancellation
And if I blow it then I blow it
Cause I'm a poet and I know it

[Chorus 2x]
And you ain't nothin' but a hooker
Sellin' your fuckin' soul

[Repeat until fade]
You wanna try me
Don't you know-

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Scotties go pink for fundraiser (
DRESDEN -Sophomore Courtney Hetrick thought nothing of wearing her bright pink sweatpants, her bright pink sneakers and her "peace, love and pink" T-shirt to school Wednesday.
Ex-Floyd man Waters claiming back band's biggest album (AFP via Yahoo! News)
Few rock stars past their prime think twice about taking their biggest hits from decades gone by on the road to extend their careers.
Tops with tots (Colorado Springs Gazette)
DOODLEBOPS! WIGGLES! WIGGLES! DOODLEBOPS! Theres a yellow one. And a pink one. One who invents things and someone who always falls asleep. The rock band Doodlebops and their big bus from Playhouse Disney, with Bob the Bus Driver, are at the World Arena today. The singing, dancing Wiggles, also on Playhouse Disney, will drive their Big Red Car into Denvers Magness Arena on March 3. Which childrens ...
Just Asking: with guitarist Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance (Northwest Herald)
In recording its third album, New Jersey band My Chemical Romance was inspired by over-the-top rock acts like Queen and Pink Floyd. Now that the group is touring arenas with ?The Black Parade,? it is taking cues from the stadium-sized spectacles of those bands.
Pink Out planned for SIU women's game (The Southern Illinoisan)
CARBONDALE - Julie Beck put Southern Illinois University's Pink Out promotion in perspective Wednesday afternoon.
Have You Heard of It? (The Heights)
Pink Martini is hard to label as a band, and it's certainly not an alcoholic beverage. It's hard to label because such a word would limit "the band's" true identity and the artistic potential it has. Although Pink Martini is not, in fact, a pink martini, it does serve up a mean cocktail of delicious musical flavors.
From NSO, Electronic Beauty (Washington Post)
Patrons of the National Symphony Orchestra! Fear not the young composer who writes electronica as well as classical, comes clad in a black collarless shirt with a pink racing stripe down the side, and sits brandishing a laptop and dropping strange noises into and around the orchestral texture!
'90s rockers band together in Army of Anyone (Reno Gazette-Journal)
Dean DeLeo, guitarist with new group Army of Anyone and formerly with Stone Temple Pilots, had a very simple explanation on why he's still working with his brother, bassist Robert DeLeo, following the dissolution of STP.
Six Degrees Gets Closer to the Police, Beatles, & Pink Floyd with Backspin (o...
In an era of seismic shifts in the music industry, the major record companies are dinosaurs, lumbering along, slow to evolve and, perhaps, doomed to extinction.
Grizzly Bear roams a wide territory (
The Brooklyn-based band showcases shimmering melodies from its second album, "Yellow House." It's rare anymore for a band to do anything truly surprising, given how many bands there have been since the dawn of the modern pop era.

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