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Slug's collection in various screen resolutions.
Channel Siti Nurhaliza (
Entertaining fan site filled with photos, discography, links etc.
Siti Nurhaliza - Voice of Asia ("SVOA")
'Flashy' fan site by Fazli with discography, biography, photos, original wallpapers and an active message board.
Siti Nurhaliza E-Greeting Cards
Send and receive e-cards with pictures of the singer.
Siti Nurhaliza's Secret Site (SSS)
Siti as an "ambassadress" for TMnet (2003) -- Wealthful with information and goodies. [defunct image references and no longer updated]
All About Siti
Shockwaved fan site by Cqeng
Siti Nurhaliza Da'Princess Of Love
Fan Site by "Nur Chempaka".
Amazon offers City High (Audio CD),22 May, 2001
Pop music artists |  S Nurhaliza  | pop stars List price $13.98
City High / 5
Here's one from the "really dumb ideas" file:
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Compare for yourself in this sample page from "An Elephant's Life."

Click on the image to see a full page from the comic book. (95k JPEG)

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Song "Demi Kasih Sayang"

Lupakan aku saja
Dari kaca fikiran
Andainya bersamaku
Engkau tidak bahagia
Aku bukannya insan
Ingin cinta percuma
Sehingga aku sanggup menantimu
Walau berabad lama
1) Cintaku bukan kerana harta
Cintaku tidak kerna paras rupa
Sedarilah kasih
Cinta ku harap hingga ke syurga
2) Demi kasih sayang yang aku pertahankan
Sanggup ku meniti malam tanpa mimpi
Aku berdoa kita dapat berdua
Hingga ke akhir hayat
Untuk selama-lamanya
ULANG 1 & 2
Aku bukannya insan
Ingin cinta percuma
Tetapi aku sanggup menantimu
Walau berabad lama
- Huda -

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