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Terry Sylvester
Biography, news and photos of the Hollies member.
Sing Hollies in Reverse
A tribute to The Hollies
Freddie's Hollies Page
Six albums of streaming RealAudio music.
Amazon offers At Abbey Road 1963-1966/At Abbey Road 1966-1970/At Abbey Road 1973-1989 (Audio CD),12 December, 2000
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Wow. The best anthology available today for Hollies fans. / 5
Until the likes of Rhino or Columbia/Legacy get their chnace to put out a definite Hollies anthology, this is the best choice for someone looking to get the full flavor of the best British harmony band, and one of the most reliable 60s hit machines this side of Creedence Clearwater Revival. The Hollies deserve to be mentioned in the same reverential tones reserved for the Who, the Stones, the Kinks and even the Fab Ones, and the At Abbey Road trilogy is ample proof of their deserved place in that pantheon of British Invasion groups. 72 tracks on 3 discs covering three dfecades, and alnost too much good stuff to handle at one sitting.

Disc One has all their earliest singles and B-sides, up to the songs that broke them big in the states -- Bus Stop and Stop! Stop! Stop! The vocal belnd of Alan Clarke, Tony Hicks and Graham Nash, who were also a formidable writing team. Disc Two has the remainder of their US sixties hits (except fro Jennifer Eccles, for some reason), especially their buggest US smash, the anthemic "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother). Disc Three is less comeplete, omitting quite a few singles, possibly because they were not recorded at Abbey Road. You won;t find "Long Cool Woman" on this collection, for example, but you will find "The Air That I Breathe" and their cover of Springsteen's "Sandy" which easily somokjes the Boss's original version.

Throughout, you get ample proof that Tony Hicks, who has been with the group since its first single, is one of the great unbsung guitar heroes of British rock. He has such versatily and such a sense of the right sound to flavor the mix that re really beings up there with the likes of George Harrison, Brian Jones and Pete Townsend.

Buy and savor, firneds, and them explore the rest of this group's oeuvre. You will not be disappointed.

The Hollies
Hollies album reviews. ... always ask me how the heck could I rate the Hollies the same as the Beach Boys - well, this is my answer to all the silly people. ...
Timber Press: Reviews of Hollies
Media reviews of this book:. "Hollies: The Genus Ilex is now the preeminent holly reference and will remain so for a long time... It will be appreciated by ...
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