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Jaffa's Jar of Random Questions - Innuendo
Interview with members of Innuendo (Reymee, Taj & Pot) on March 6, 2002 at CoffeeBean in Bangsar by Tasha
Official site for Innuendo's label, but no details of the band for public access as of Aug 2003.
Innuendo Online
Attempt for a fan site -- as of Aug 2003, still only links to Positive Tone's (label) site since creation
Amazon offers More (Audio CD),25 February, 2002
Pop music artists |  Innuendo  | pop stars List price $5.00
Song "Forever"
"Never take your loved ones for granted: they could be gone tomorrow" all of my dreams seem to fall by the side like a discarded thought or the day's fading light but I know that if I could just see you tonight forever at times we may fall, like we all tend to do but I'll reach out and find that I've run into you your strength is the power that carried me through forever

Your kindness for weakness I never mistook I worried you often, yet you understood that life is so fleeting, these troubles won't last forever inspired me truly you did from the start to not be afraid and to follow my heart there's a piece of you with me they can't tear apart forever

Forever I'll find you, forever we'll be
Forever your power and strength stays with me

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