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Easter Credits
Selected production/mix credits for Mitch Easter.
Mitch Easter Production Credit List
Chronological list of albums that he has produced.
Stomp and Stammer: Mitch Easter
Jeff Clark's article about Easter's work as a music producer.
Rickenbacker Artists: Mitch Easter
Collection of photographs featuring the artist with his various Rickenbacker guitars. Mitch Easter
Brief profile, discography, and influences.
Yahoo Clubs: MitchEasterLetsActive
Discussion forum for Easter and his former band, Let's Active.
Excerpts from an interview with Mitch Easter by David Menconi.
Mitch World U.S.A
Includes photographs, profile, press, news, biography, and discography.
G-site Web Open Directory
... BBC Online: Easter Parade - Review by George Perry, cast and credits. ... mccorp/mitcheaster.html Arts: Music: Bands and Artists: E: Easter, Mitch (3). ...
Australian Music Online :: Artists :: d Henry Fenton
... US independent producer Mitch Easter. Mitch has recorded/produced albums for REM, ... No reviews currently available for this artist. More Reviews ...
Excite UK - - Arts - Music - Bands and Artists - E - Easter, Mitch
9 sites Easter, Mitch ... Watch over 6000 free music videos, find the latest news, reviews and interviews of your favourite artist, plus choose from over 60 ...,_Mitch
World Culinary Institute
Review by George Perry, cast and credits. Rated 4 stars out of 5. Category: E: Easter Parade ... Category: E: Easter, Mitch ...
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Comboland redux (The News & Observer)
Next time you're on, search for the term comboland. But don't do it unless you have some time to kill, because you'll want to watch everything that turns up -- an amazing assortment of 1980s-vintage videos of Glass Moon, Arrogan
Spin control (Chicago Sun-Times)
Proteges of the Beastie Boys, the four underrated women of Luscious Jackson were perpetual also-rans in the alt-rock sweepstakes of the '90s, but they deserve to be remembered for one brilliant, sexy, funky effort -- the Daniel Lanois-produced "Fever In Fever Out" (1996) -- and two good but not great discs, one preceding their masterpiece and one following in 1999 after keyboardist Vivian Trimble ...
Archives (The Daily Tar Heel)
"Being in a band in your 20s is different than being in a band in your 50s," said dB's guitarist and vocalist Peter Holsapple in an interview last week.
YEAH YEAH YEAH (Anchorage Press)
Off the radar in the States since its European issue on Frontiers Records last summer, a new hard rock masterpiece from rock royalty is released domestically next week - gobsmacking me squarely in my old school, FM-radio frontal lobes.
Spin Factor (Nashville City Paper)
Clarinetist Don Byron?s remarkable, virtuosic technique and adventurous, diversified approach over his previous five albums would make him the least likely candidate for doing a disc of Junior Walker music.
Snagglepuss turn in its Report (Creative Loafing Charlotte)
Black History Month features plethora of local events... By El Diablo.
Dreamlike and nightmarish fragile pop introspection. (IGN Music)
January 29, 2007 - In the know music snobs were well aware of Albuquerque's The Shins long before Zach Braff's Garden State made them the poster boys of mainstream indie rock.
dB's reunion not just nostalgia (The News & Observer)
When dreams are big and letdowns hard, a reunion is more than a joyride to the past.

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