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Photo Gallery, lyrics, and coming soon downloadable Music/Video Clips about the talented and beautiful Martie, Natalie, and Emily. - Dixie Chicks
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Lyrics for all Dixie Chicks songs. The Dixie Chicks
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Amazon offers Top of the World Tour (Audio CD),21 November, 2003
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I do not have this album, I just wanted to clear up the issue of "free speech". If private citizens are offended by Natalie Maine's comments and because of this they stop buying her albums they are NOT infringing on Ms. Maine's free speech. They are exercising their own free speech by publicly disagreeing with Maines.

On the other hand if the GOVERNMENT fined Maines or blacked out the news so that Americans would not know of her comments then that would be violating her free speech.

People have a right to be offended. You are not defending free speech if you support Natalie Maines. If you want to protest the war, however that's different, then support Maines. Just don't wrap it up in a false label.

Song "Love Me Like A Man"
The men that I've been seeing
Well they got their soul up on a shelf
You know they could never love me
Cuz they can't even love themselves

But I want someone to love me
Baby I want one to understand
Won't put himself above me
Who can love me like a man

I never seen such losers
Even though I tried
Find a mind to take me home instead of
Taking me for a ride

Baby, I use someone to care
Believe it when I tell you darlin'
You can love me like a man

Oh they want me to rock them
Like my back ain't got no bone
I want a man whose gonna rock me
Like my backbone was his own

Baby, I want to wait until you can
Believe it when I tell you darlin'
You can love me like a man

Come home sad and lonely
Feel like I wanna cry
Come over here and hold me baby
And don't ever ask the reason why
I said I, I want a lover
Won't have to work to understand

Don't put yourself above me baby
Love me like a man

Dixie Chicks: Home - PopMatters Music Review
Dixie Chicks, Home (Columbia), review by Jason Thompson.
Dixie Chicks: Home (2002): Reviews
Dixie Chicks reviews ... THose two coast on their looks, while the Dixie Chicks brilliantly play their own instruments and produce and write. ...
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Review of Dixie Chicks - Home/ An Evening With The Dixie Chicks DVD.
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DVD Review: Dixie Chicks - Shut Up & Sing (
There?s just something about Dixie Chicks - Shut up & Sing that just makes me mad. I?m quite sure that?s one of the points of the entire endeavor, but it doesn?t quite make me happy. In London in 2003, on the first night of their ?Top of the World? tour, Natalie Maines, the lead singer of The Dixie Chicks, unhappy about the U.S.?s plans for war in Iraq stated that she was ashamed the ...
New Releases: Dixie Chicks, Kidz Bop 11, K-os, Calla, Gomez & More (MTV Mus...
Dixie Chicks' "Shut Up and Sing" documentary hits stores this week, as well as new Kidz Bop 11, K-os, Calla and Gomez releases.
Dixie Chicks - Shut Up & Sing (DVD Talk)
In its intimate and revealing look at one of the more bewildering tempests in the annals of recent pop culture, Dixie Chicks: Shut Up & Sing touches on many things, from voicing dissent in a free society to the fragile relationship between celebrities and their fans.
Dixie Chicks still not making nice with country radio (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
After the Dixie Chicks swept the Grammy Awards with five trophies, the group's tenuous relationship with country radio moved back into the spotlight.
Music capsules (Aberdeen American News)
PATTY GRIFFIN "Children Running Through" (ATO) Country folk in the know - like Emmylou Harris and the Dixie Chicks - have been wise to Patty Griffin's way with a gracefully melodic tune for years now, even if the redheaded songstress hasn't grabbed the brass ring of mainstream success just yet. "Children Running Through" may or may not change that, but it does an excellent job of playing to ...
New on DVD, 2/20 (Denver Post)
"Shut Up & Sing" * * * 1/2 The Dixie Chicks, the top-selling female band
One of America's Great Student Newspapers (The Pitt News)
You know that guy who tries to pound a punchline down your throat even after you don't laugh the first time? In "Shut Up & Sing," the Dixie Chicks represent that very same person - they try to get you to care, but really you want them to do just that: Shut up and sing.
Dixie Chicks' Grammys come from talent, not politics (Knoxville News Sentinel)
LOS ANGELES ? In the wake of the Dixie Chicks? big night at the Grammy Awards, where they won three of the top four Grammys and all five for which they were nominated, much of the media coverage presented their Sunday sweep purely as a political statement by the music industry hubs of Los Angeles and New York.
Comeback Kids: Dixie Chicks Take Five Awards Despite Being Ostracized by Coun...
After slamming President Bush in highly-publicized comments years ago, country radio has shunned the Dixie Chicks' latest album. But that didn't seem to make a difference at this year's Grammy awards, where the girls took home five awards.
Movie Review: Shut Up & Sing (
One the eve of the DVD release of the Dixie Chicks documentary Shut Up & Sing , comedian/political commentator Bill Maher was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. At one point the conversation turned to the Dixie Chicks' recent achievement of winning five Grammys back on February 11. Of course, ever the ball-buster, Jay Leno made the remark that the Grammy board of voters had just ...

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