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One Together
An extensively long page of the early history of the band that is good reading for the Mac devotee.
Southern California based Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac tribute band. MP3 files, show photos, song list, video files, and press clippings.
Rumours of Fleetwood Mac
Liverpool, England based tribute band performing both Peter Green-era and Rumours-era material. Features news, member profiles, tour dates, and MP3 files.
Arizona Ranger's Ranch
Open forum for all Fleetwood Mac fans wishing to discuss aspects of the band.
The Penguin
News about the band and solo members, pictures, discussion forums, concert reviews and information.
Amazon offers Tusk (Audio CD),23 March, 2004
Pop music artists |  Fleetwood Mac  | pop stars List price $24.98
Overpriced deluxe treatment of a problematic album / 3
Tusk was a bit of a mess. Coming after two tight, hit-filled classic albums (Fleetwood Mac and Rumours), the band lost their focus on Tusk. They spent months and months and endless effort in the studio, but the final result still sounds half-baked and not quite finished in many spots.

There is probably an album's worth of good material on Tusk. The bad news first: Lindsey Buckingham's glorified demo tracks fill about half of disc one. Virtually all of them are forgettable ditties on a level with McCartney's Why Don't We Do It In The Road and Ringo's Don't Pass Me By on the White Album. In other words, they are not really necessary.

Also unnecessary is the entire second disc of demos and rough studio takes. Sorry, but there just isn't anything interesting here. Disc 2 was apparently added to justify bumping up the list price. No reason to give Fleetwood Mac fans a break, right? After they already purchased the original album on vinyl or cassette, and then shelled out for the first CD release, let's nick 'em again for the remaster. And while we're at it, let's double the price by adding some dodgy old outtakes! Call me cynical, but this is just a grab for cash by the band, or the record label, or both.

To be fair, there are still some great tunes by Nicks -- spooky and mysterious as ever here. Christine McVie does not fail to produce some of the sweetest melodic songs about romance ever written. Never Make Me Cry is the shortest and sweetest of them all. Apparently it was released as a single, but radio never fell in love with it as I have.

Tusk, the song, is lunacy, but inspired lunacy. The dense orchestration is revealed better than ever by the improved sound of this new set.

The remastering job is great. Rhino was involved, and they know their stuff. So, if you want the best sound, you'll have to pony up the big bucks for this 2-disc set, or try to find it used at a more reasonable cost.

Song "Silver Heels"

(Bob Welch)

She came in like a hurricane
Wearing boots and diamond rings
With a fox fur on her shoulder
She set wondering
And I could tell she was feeling abandoned
Because she flashed a look across my way
She said hop for a ride
You'll never ask me but I'll tell you anyway
She took me out on the blackboard jungle
Put me straight in a hurricane
She hypnotized my eyes with her silver heeled ways
If I could sing like Paul McCartney, or get funky like Etta James
I'd never change, I'd never change, I'd never change silver heeled ways
She came in and her flags were flying
She was a sailboat of sweet perfume
And I could see that her eyes were smiling
From across the room
Well I couldn't think of conversation
I was busy looking at her furs
She said Hey, you'll never ask me
So I guess I'll say the word
She took me out on the blackboard jungle
Put me straight in a hurricane
She hypnotized my eyes with her silver heeled ways
If I could sing like Paul McCartney, and funky like Etta James
I'd never change, I'd never change, No I'd never change silver heeled ways
(silver, silver heels) that's what I mean
(silver) whoo talking bout silver (silver heels)
(silver) alright (silver heels)
I'm talkin' bout silver (silver) silver heels (silver)
She took me out on the blackboard jungle
Put me straight in a hurricane
She hypnotized my eyes with her silver heeled ways
If I could sing like Paul McCartney, and funky like Etta James
I'd never change, No I'd never change her, I'd never change silver heeled ways
(silver) Oooh silver heels
(silver) talkin' bout silver heels
(silver) silver heels
(silver) that's what I mean...

Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac
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