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All Together Separate
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All Together Separate
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All Together Separate
Official site of this band that plays a blend of rock, funk, jazz, and R&B. Includes band member profiles, album information, pictures, and a concert schedule.
Amazon offers All Together Separate (Audio CD),13 July, 1999
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One totally fuNked up cd / 5
I can guarantee you that this is a band thats definitely going places. I first heard ATS playing at Global Impact in September of 2000, where I accepted Christ as my Savior. I had never heard of the group before, and by the time that conference was over, God had touched my soul through their music in a way you have to experience to believe. I then bought this cd and I have listened to it daily for the past year and it never gets old. The uniqueness of their sound, the talent that they possess, and the awesome message they have contribute to a brilliant cd. Dex must have the most amazing voice I've ever heard, that's probably why me and my friends now rate other bands on how high a level of Dexocity they have. (Trust me, you'll understand after you hear the cd). I've now heard them 3 times live, and they get better everytime. Theyre a great worship band, and you have to buy their worship album, Ardent Worship. I cant stop listening to it. It won't be long til theyre new album Ghetto Blaster is out. I was talking to Dex at Life 2001 and he said that they really funk it up in the new cd. So I'm psyched!
Song "Face to Face"
It seems I came to life when I heard
You whisper You said the words I love you
Every time I think about Your grace it's clearer
You are the one I've been searching for to complete me

When I draw near You always meet me
Longing just to be together again
With every passing day
The shadows in my life fade away
The more I see You face to face

Tell me all Your stories from a thousand places
Of how You made it through
When I hear Your voice my eyes are filled with wonder
I forget the trials and the thorns I find around my feet yeah

My dreams will soon be reality
My dreams will be reality it seems
I came to life when I heard You whisper
You said the words I love you

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