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George Harrison Discography
Complete chronology of US album, single, and CD releases.
George Harrison Bulletin Board
A monitored bulletin board devoted to discussing George as a Beatle and solo artist.
The film's official website, with music composed by Harrison. Movie and album information with audio files.
George Harrison: The Photographic History
Detailed biography and a fan's personal insights. Pictures, album and song list, and quotes.
The Real Blue Jay Way
Pictures of the house and the organ that Harrison used when he wrote "Blue Jay Way."
George Harrison Ring Homepage
Information for webring members and those who wish to join.
Hari Scruffs
Extensive biography supplemented by a FAQ and a chronicle of the events in George's life, a complete discography including unreleased material, tour dates and venues, and a bibliography of sources.
Amazon offers Live in Japan (Audio CD),24 February, 2004
Pop music artists |  G Harrison  | pop stars List price $29.98
The missing piece................ / 5
i dont believe that people actually complain bout Live in Japan, come on guys, its george playing live.... how can u compare it to the 'concert for george' cd, sure the band for the tribute cd sounds better, maybe they even sing better then george, but u guys are missing the point, it aint a george song if he aint singing it, its just bunch of guys singing george songs, yeah u ave paul and ringo, they ave rite to sing it coz their the only surviving members but its like saying u luv birtney spears singing 'yer blues' or 'hey jude' or 'yellow submarine' or even 'for you blues', i beg to differ, even george not singing at his best, it is still george singing, if u listen closely, george is singing thru his heart, he meant every word, understand every word, coz who else in the world would know the meaning of the songs except for george, i should say he sang kinda like ala bob dylan in times they are a changin', george sang every song like he wanted to, if he feels the melody of the song should be sang like that so be it, every track is worth listen to, some of the song hadnt been played since the 60's, such as taxman etc, that alone is worth buying the cd, if u a truly beatles fan and truly a george harrison fan, u wouldnt complain 1 bit, coz its actually the best LP george had ever release since all things must pass and cloud 9.....
Song "Who Can See It"

I've been held up,
I've been run down
I can see quite clearly now
through those past years,
when I played towing the line.
I only ask, that what I feel,
should not be denied me now,
As it's been earned, and
I have seen my life belongs to me
My love belongs to who can see it

I've lived in fear,
I've been out there,
I've been 'round and
seen my share
of this sad world
And all the hate,
that it's stirred
I only ask,
that what I know,
should not be denied me now
As it's been learned,
And I have seen my life belongs to me
My love belongs to who can see it

I only ask, that what I feel,
should not be denied me now
As it's been earned, and
I have seen my life belongs to me

My love belongs to who can see it.

My love belongs to who . . .

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