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Metacritic: Faith and Courage
Multiple critic and user reviews for the record by Sinead O'Connor.
Universal Mother
Perhaps the most lovingly created Sinead Site, this Turkish-born experience abounds with rare music, videos, and photos.
Art : This is a Rebel Song
Sinead and her creative designer describe the making of 'This is a Rebel Song' with original art.
The Beauty Of Sinead O'Connor
A site dedicated to the beauty and talent of Sinead O'Connor, with concert and press photographs.
From a Whisper to a Scream
The latest Sinead news, reviews, and photo gallery.
The JITR Archives
Jump-in-the-river, the Sinead O'Connor mailing list with archives and information on how to join.
The Healing Room
The Web's only definitive and complete Sinead O'Connor Lyrics Archive, encompassing all her albums from her debut in 1987 until the very latest.
Forever Child
Comprehensive Sinead site with photos, tablature, audio, video, and a regular newsletter.
The Ultra Modern Ancient Gaelic Mystic Siren
A Worship shrine for Sinead O'Connor, including detailed analysis of her greatest songs.
Gospel Oak
Sony Music's tribute to the Gospel Oak EP, with audio files, and two music videos.
The Sinéad O'Connor Site (unofficial)
The site contains pictures, lyrics, news, a discography, realaudio-files, mp3, guitar tab and a message board.
Amazon offers No Man's Woman (Audio CD),20 June, 2000
Pop music artists |  Sinead O'Connor  | pop stars List price $12.49
Sinead's best song ever. / 5
This song "No Man's Woman" is the only song that has ever made me give Sinead's music a second listen (and third, and fourth...). I personally am not a lesbian, and don't feel that this is a "lesbian song" as I've heard some describe it. I could care less who Sinead goes to bed with, as long as she makes music like this! I would love to see this song become a sort of anthem for females of every age, because the truth of it is undeniable, and only comes with the experience of heartbreak and disappointment due to the princess-finding-the-prince fairy tale. I think it's a woman's true victory when she realizes that the only people in this world worthy of trust, the only ones worth depending on, are herself and God.
Song "The Moorlough Shore"
Your hills and dales and flowery vales
that lie near the Moorlough Shore.
Your vines that blow by borden's grove.
will I ever see no more

Where the primrose blows
and the violet grows,
Where the trout and salmon play.

With my line and hook delight I took
to spend my youthful days.

Last night I went to see my love,
and to hear what she might say.
To see if she'd take pity on me,
lest I might go away.
She said, "I love an Irish lad,
and he was my only joy,
and ever since I saw his face
I've loved that soldier boy."

Well perhaps your soldier lad is lost
sailing over the sea of Maine.
Or perhaps he is gone with some other lover,
you may never see him again.
Well if my Irish lad is lost,
he's the one I do adore,
and seven years I will wait for him
by the banks of the Moorlough Shore.

Farewell to Sinclaire's castle grand.
Farewell to the foggy dew.
where the linen waves like bleaching silk
and the falling stream runs still
Near there I spent my youthful days
but alas they all are gone
for cruelty has banished me
far away from the Moorlough Shore.

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