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Yahoo! Groups: Velvet Empire Promo Team
Mailing list for fans which focuses on promoting the group.
Velvet Empire
Fan site with biographies, a message board, and lyrics.
Fan page containing photos from their first concert and the Mike Bullard show.
Velvet Empire
Official site from the band's record company. Contains news, photos, wallpaper, diary entries, biographies, and message boards. Pop Goes Calgarian's World
Article on the group and interview with Ryan Hamilton. Written by Kevin Williamson.
Yahoo! Groups: Frontin' On Velvet Empire
Mailing list for fans of the band.
Yahoo! Groups: Velvet Empire
Mailing list for fans of the group.
Justin Humes 2002
Fan page dedicated to Justin Humes containing facts about the singer, news, photos, and answers to questions from Justin's brother.
Velvet Empire Net
Fan page containing links to articles, group history, biographies, discography, lyrics, and photos.
Amazon offers Velvet Empire (Audio CD),08 July, 2002
Pop music artists |  Velvet Empire  | pop stars List price $13.49
Very impressive Popstars group / 5
My friend who lives in Canada introduced me to Velvet Empire, who split up a few years ago. This still doesn't stop me getting an interest in their music. She got me the entire album and I've listened to it now.

I am so impressed. Here, we have a Popstars band that can actually sing and have decent material for their first album. Most Popstars bands have awful material for their album, but every single song on Velvet Empire's album is high quality and very, very good. I know absolutely nothing about the band as people, I don't know their names or anything. I only know their songs and the fact they're Canadian.

What are the stand out tracks on this CD? Well, almost everything. I love every single song, but if you forced me to choose a few favourites.... One obvious song is their first single "Frontin' On Me." This song was my first taste of Velvet Empire, and I loved it instantly. It's funky, upbeat and has great lyrics and fantastic music. After I heard this track, I had to hear the rest! Another track that stands out to me is "Good Girls." The girls take the reins on this track, and make a undeniably catchy track. I was singing along on my first listen to the chorus, and I'm being honest when I say it will get stuck in your head. The lyrics are cheeky, with the girls singing about things that good girls don't do. Other brilliant tracks include "I" - a midtempo RnBish style song, with amazing harmonised vocals and great repetition of the word "I" and great shared lyrics, "Now You Don't" - a slower song, but still with attitude about a cheating partner and they see them cheating, "About Last Night" - another slower song about wanting to be with somebody and telling them to think about last night, very sexy song with amazing vocals and "2am" - it's hard to deny that this is one of the sexiest songs on the album, a slow jam with fabulous lyrics and vocals.
The remaining songs are great too - "Wha Wha What" is a very cool uptempo song with ridiculous lyrics, "Mad For You", "That's Right" and "Tell Me" are poppy songs with energetic performances from the band, "Ride" is another pop song with lyrics about going on a spontaneous road trip and "Wild Horses" is a 5 minute slow jam with sexy vocals and lyrics and smooth music.

Top 5 tracks from the album:
01. Good Girls
02. Now You Don't
03. About Last Night
04. Frontin' On Me
05. I

Overall, this is a fabulous album. I fail to see why Velvet Empire wasn't big, they could do well in Europe, they're very poppy and fun, and I love their album!

Song "About Last Night"

Yay Yay Yay Yay [x3]

Eenie Meenie Minie Mo,
Found my kind won?t let ?em go,
If I?m treated right you know,
I?ll be back for more.

I can feel you undressing me with your eyes,
But I did not mind, I kinda smiled just thinking ?bout where we could be.
I can?t remember when or where we met,
But how could I forget,
The little things you said to me.

Like every gate will need it?s key,
And you?re the one that opened me,
Baby come by anytime?

Think about last night,
You know you had me feeling good,
More than anyone should,
And I can?t wait to get you back, relax because tonight,
I?m gonna make you feel alright,
So baby, come enjoy the ride,
Cause I am gonna freak you out,
Think about last night.


I can feel the chills running up my spine,
The memory of how you body melted into mine.
I can still taste you on my lips,
Lips so soft that I lost it from moment that we kissed.

Every time I think of us,
I can?t help but fell rush,
Now I know how love can be?


[Refrain: x2]

I was lost adrift at sea,
You came along and rescued me,
Baby won?t you set me free?

[Chorus: x2]

[Refrain: x2]

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