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Catching Fish
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Peek-A-Boo: Silver Scooter
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Fervor interview by Elizabeth Crepeau.
Amazon offers The Other Palm Springs (Audio CD),28 December, 1999
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This Austin, Texas, four-piece subtly does justice to mid-'70s, Bomp Records power-pop without resorting to bland navel-gazing of such contemporaries as the Promise Ring and the Get Up Kids. Amidst the sparkle and chime of strummed guitars and politely driving tempos, Silver Scooter betters latter-day Superchunk with unobtrusive deliveries that nevertheless keep an enjoyable energy through a sustained sigh. Try "Morning View" with a smooth cuppa coffee.
Silver Scooter: Orleans Parish: Pitchfork Review
Brent DiCrescenzo's review: "This album's overwhelming banality saps the creativity and mental drive from me." Rated 4.
The Austin Chronicle Music: Record Reviews
Silver Scooter is a band whose sense of pop songcraft seems to mellow with age. ... More Record Reviews in this issue:. KGSR Broadcasts vol. ...

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