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Ritchie Valens
Memorial fan club site. Includes biography, discography, sound files, forum, and club information.
The Ritchie Valens Page
Fan site with photographs, biography, and links.
Rockabilly Hall of Fame: Ritchie Valens
Review of the artist's music and short career.
Ritchie Valens Lives On
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Ritchie Valens
Includes biography and discography.
History of Rock and Roll: Ritchie Valens
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Collins' Oldies Website: Ritchie Valens
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Amazon offers The Ritchie Valens Story (Audio CD),14 September, 2004
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If you're looking for a solid Valens retrospective, look elsewhere / 3
The Ritchie Valens Story.

When it comes to the early rock and roll of the fifties, one of the finest up and coming stars of the latter half of the decade was Ritchie Valens. The young man had enormous potential, and fast ascended the pop charts with a number of catchy hit singles. Unfortunately, like many a rock and roll story, his ended in a tragedy. In February of 1959, he was killed in a plane crash that claimed the lives of fellow rockabilly superstars Buddy Holly and J.P. Richardson, the Big Bopper. However, the music of Valens is timeless, and as such, a number of compilations have been released for him over they years. How does this one measure up? Read on and find out!

The Ritchie Valens Story was released in 1993 in America. The compilation features nineteen tracks, including classic hits, demos, as well as other rarities and such. The booklet includes several rare photos. This is a Rhino Records/Warner Brothers release.

I LOVE Ritchie Valens. He's one of the few artists of the fifties I truly love, rather than simply like. This compilation was a great idea - take some stuff that will appeal to everyone, hits and rare stuff alike. Sadly, the compilation ends up falling flat, trying to do so much with so little time to do it in. The good qualities of this compilation include it being a cheap and affordable one, and the sheer number of tracks offered. The rare demos this compilation serves up are going to appeal greatly to die-hard fans of Valens, who want to get in touch with all the rare material they can. The interview and commercial/radio death announcement also give great insight into Ritchie's history. And, of course, the classic hits Come On Lets Go, La Bamba, and Donna are all here. Unfortunately, that's where the good points end. There are WAY TOO MANY MISSING SONGS! Where are Rip It Up, We Belong Together, Framed, and Ooh My Head!? I can't believe they forgot to put these songs on here! We Belong Together, in particular, is a startling and unforgivable omission. What's even worse is that this compact disc is only sixty minutes long, meaning they easily could have had room to put these hits on! In the end, what could have been a great compilation ends up falling flat. If you want a good Valens retrospective, look elsewhere. This one's only for die-hard fans who can't live without the demos.

I think I've made my point. If you want the best Ritchie Valens experience on the market, this isn't it. If you're a big-time fan who wants rare stuff or if you're just a Valens completist, definitely pick this up. But if you're anyone else, look someplace else for your Ritchie Valens fix.

This compilation seems to be readily available in some stores, but not so much in some others. In other words, if you want this set, just look around in a few stores, or better yet, order it online. It will turn up rather quickly, more likely than not.

Song "That’s My Little Suzie"
Well now I've got a girl named Sue
She knows what to do
She's just through rockin' from here to my door
She knows I know & run back in 2
That's my little Suzie
She knows what to do

She rocks to the left & she rocks to the right
I'm so tired don't even know what's a-right
When my baby gets a-tired of me
I'm gonna do just like misery
Gonna drop my Sue
& go very very very far & again


Well she gets me on the floor every now & then
Just rocks all around my head
I don't even know what to do with Sue, Sue, Sue

Well now she rocks to the right & she rocks to the left
Sometimes I don't know where to go
When my baby gets a hold of me
I'm so tired I can't set her free
So come on Suzie, baby, let's rock again
Let's get all so tired, this heart &
Come on baby, let's just rock once again, 'gain

Well now, Suzie, baby, knows how to rock
Sometimes I don't even know when to stop
She just shakes me all over my head
When she gets me doin' the hen

Well come on now, we'll rock again
Come on baby, never set me again
Come on baby, let me come rockin' again oh yeah oh yeah
Come rockin' again oh yeah oh yeah
Come rockin' again

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