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Amazon offers What If It All Means Something (Audio CD),22 April, 2003
Pop music artists |  Chantal Kreviazuk  | pop stars List price $11.98
The best CD that has made Chantal / 5
It's a very good CD. It's a alternative a to Avril lavigne. It's not a copy. Chantal has his own style before Avril.
Song "Co-Dependent"
when i go swimming in your intellect
the water's so shallow and the dialect
is so phony but i eat it up like bologna
i can't get enough

well i
should end it
but i
defend it
well i
can't recommend it
cause i'm
your co-dependent

when you go fishing
for a compliment
it's soooo
so obvious
but i can't help it
so i put up with it
'cause your my habit
and i just can't quit

the world keeps spinning
the joker keeps grinning
Lucifer keeps sinning
but i need a new beginning

baby - by my co-dependent

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