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The Traveling Wilburys. History of the band, Wilbury quotes, descriptions of videos, a Wilburys poll, other facts, song samples in .wav and .au formats, and photos.
The Traveling Wilburys WebRing
Information and sign-up form.
The Unofficial Traveling Wilburys Lyrics Archive
Lyrics to all songs ever recorded by the Traveling Wilburys with scans of all their singles and albums.
Get Your Wilburys Here
Dedicated to The Traveling Wilburys, with lyrics from both albums.
Amazon offers Traveling Wilburys 1 & 3 Cd New (Audio CD),
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Nice enough, if unauthorized Pirated CD / 4
This is a very nice collection of the Traveling Wilburys, collecting all the tracks from Vols. 1 & 3, as well as bonus tracks from two of their LP/CD singles. It's not complete, there were other CD/12-inch LP singles with a few other cuts and two extended mixes that are not present here, but with both Vols. 1 & 3 being out of print, this disc is about the best sounding and most complete collection of the Wilburys studio recordings that you can currently get through Amazon.

If you're of scrupulous nature be warned: this *is* a pirated disc, the artists and labels who own the rights don't make a penny off of it, and the RIAA tries very hard to keep these sorts of things off the U.S. Market. It's a Russian Import, not authorized, but the discs *were* cloned from the original CDs so there is no appreciable loss of sound. Don't buy the hype about how he's saving you money, the price asked by the seller here is higher than it is from actual bootleg sellers by about $4.00.

You might want to wait for the authorized Box Set that George Harrison's son, Dhani, is currently compiling, it is tentatively slated for release in late 2006. But if the seller's banditry and the manufacturer's piracy don't stick in your craw, go for it! You could do a lot worse, like "The Traveling Wilburys Vol. 2 Live In Japan".

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Traveling Wilburys - the Complete Collection
Traveling Wilburys - the Complete Collection ... The goal is to generate a database of visitor reviews much like that found on the excellent SRV Review ...

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