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A number of monthly articles about Sting; usually topical, and written from a fan's perspective (but an informed fan).
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Biography, discography, lyrics, videos, photos, and links.
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Bootlegs, including good descriptions, and other rarities
Concert Reviews of Sting
A comprehensive collection of concert reviews by Sting fans. Focuses mainly on the later albums (Ten Summoner's Tales, Mercury Falling) Sting
Good introductory biography, a collection of reviews and an interesting feature on rock stars and advertising.
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B-sides, rare tracks, bootlegs.
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Official news, discographies, tour dates - the usual. Some good exclusive content. Updated fairly regularly. Sting
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Amazon offers Sacred Love (Audio CD),30 September, 2003
Pop music artists |  Sting  | pop stars List price $13.98
Looks like Sting is loosing his touch / 2
Wow, I sampled the songs on this new CD and I really am surprised at the drop in quality and uniqueness Sting used to bring to the music. Like DeNiro and Pacino. Where are they now? Doing comedy and bland movies. Not like the movies of yester-year when they were top notch. Stings voice is still among the best in the world, just the music behind him is what makes his CDs bland and uninteresting. I mean, Techno and Rap. It's like a mundane chant, much like the Sting of the past used to sing out about. It looks like the music industry of today is not only responsible for some of the most uninteresting music and groups it's also consuming those that used to be the best. It's really a shame to see an artist like Sting decline in his work. Brand New Day was the start. Although it wasn't all bad, but you got the sense that he was lost or beginning to lose his way and his style. Oh, well, albums like "Ten Summoner's Tale", "Nothing Like the Sun", "Soul Cages", and "Dream of the Blue Turtles" were the best of his solo career. Now, he's just earning a paycheck.

Farewell Sting. It was nice knowing you.

Song "Shadows In The Rain"

I woke up in my clothes again this morning
I don't know exactly where I am
And I should heed my doctor's warning
He does the best with me he can

He says I suffer from delusion
But I'm so confident I'm sane
It can't be no optical illusion
How can you explain
Shadows in the rain

And if you see us on the corner
We're just dancing in the rain
I tell my friends there when I see them
Outside my windowpane
Shadows in the rain

UHM - Review - Tail Sting
Somehow they are able to crawl their big asses through the air ducts (?) in the plane and decide to sting each and every passenger. ...
The Sting - Trailer - Showtimes - Cast - Movies - New York Times
The Sting. 1973-USA-Period Film/Crime Comedy/Gangster Film/Buddy Film NY Times Review by Vincent Canby · Oscars: Best Picture. PLOT DESCRIPTION ...
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Weintraub: Sting plucks haunting ballads on lute (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
Last week, Sting rocked the Grammys with a performance of "Roxanne" that had him onstage with former Police band mates Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers, the start of their first official reunion after 23 years.Next week, the singer can ...
Band teacher busted during internet sting (Fox21)
SPARTANBURG, S.C.-- When your children are at home you think they're in a safe place, but if they're online they could be invited into a dangerous predator's playground.
We can knock 'em, but the Police are good (Denver Post)
Before you get your underwear all knotted over the Police reunion tour, consider this: The band is overrated.
Expect a lineup for Police (Rocky Mountain News)
You're going to have to be quick at 10 a.m. Saturday. The Police reunion tour has sold out quickly in other markets. While some other cities have had extra dates added when the first date sold out, there's no guarantee of that here (though the band's calendar suspiciously would accommodate it easily). The June 9 Pepsi Center date costs $50, $90 and $225, limit four (Ticketmaster). ...
Police, Fugees Plan Reunions (Emory Wheel)
Before the Police launched into their ceremony-opening performance of "Roxanne" at the Grammy Awards, lead singer Sting declared, "We are the Police, and we're back!"
The Police reunion: Band to play Oakland June 13 (San Jose Mercury News)
It's official: The Police will make their first Bay Area appearance in more than 20 years on June 13 at Oakland's McAfee Coliseum. Tickets for $225, $90 and $50 go on sale at 10 a.m. Sunday at, and (408) 998-8497. The band Fiction Plane will open the show.
Reunited Band The Police To Perform At Dodger Stadium (NBC 4 Los Angeles)
The reunited rock band The Police will perform in Los Angeles after all, with promoters announcing Monday that the trio will perform June 23 at Dodger Stadium.
The Police Announce Bay Area Concert Date (NBC 11 Bay Area)
One week after announcing a new concert tour, Sting and his band The Police have announced when and where the group will perform in the Bay Area.
IT was Sting's brilliant idea to bring The Police back together for their 30th anniversary, sources say, despite interviews he and band members Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers gave suggesting it was a mutual idea. One music-industry heavyweight...
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