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Amazon offers Something to Remember (Audio CD),07 November, 1995
Pop music artists |  M Ciccone  | pop stars List price $13.98
Greatness shines on this ballad hits collection / 5
Yes. Yeeees !. This one has the most, when it comes to a touch of genius when it comes to ballad singin/song writing. The weakest one are the "new songs" on this 1995 CD. Track 1 I want you (with Massive Attack) sure sparks quality, but that comes from Madonna`s voice and not from Massive Attacks musical work. Too much musical "attack" in a way. Track 2 I`ll remember, we are back in buisness again, which shows quality Madonna all over, with a voice from "heaven above". Like angel dust balsam you ears in a way. Track 3 Take a bow, with it`s eastern/japanese begining it`s a ballad which glimmers shiny and bright all trough. A very soul uplifting song this one. A ballad with a big B. Track 4 You`ll see is one of the better "new" songs on this CD, but the x-factor to lift it up above average missing. Track 5. Crazy for you. Is a Madonna classic from here early classical period. A gem back then, and ok listen nowaydays too. Track 6 This used to be my playground, has everything included if you wanna find a hit song that delivers in every department. Very cool, very relaxable, and very Madonna. And that`s a quality trademark for sure. Track 7 Live to tell, has much of the same trademarks, and it`s from the classical Madonna period, which shows Madonna with her "masters voice" brings glory on every note she sings. Track 8 Love don`t live here anymore (Remix) has a wide open soundpicture, and angel strings/syntheseisers blippin` up here and there, and makes this a minor gem all trough.
Track 9 Something to remember is a minor let down. It`s to ordinary in a way, but the singing is great though. Track 10 Forbidden love, is more in the nightclub whisperin` country. It`s soulfull and has a spirit of greatness here and there,but that`s all folks. Track 11 One More chance, it`s the best one of the "new ones". An acoustic interesting song, but it`s very simpel. To simpel, and not speaks out glory. Track 12 Rain, as an inspired opening , and soon changes into, sorry to say lesser inspired middel and the end. But there is something there. Track 13 Oh Father, is a simpel ballad. To simpel, and rather forgetable when it come`s to the end. Too much earcandy in a way. Track 14 I want you ( here we go again with Massive Attack (Orchestral version) Nuff said already, because this is the same song as the first one. Anyway greatness shines on this ballad hits collection, of one of the realy mega artists in pop heaven which always delivers.

Song "Shanti/Ashtangi"
Vunde gurunam caranaravinde
Sandarsita svatma sukhavabodhe
Nihsreyase jangalikayamane
Sansara halahala moha santyai
Hala hala
Ahahu purusakaram sankha cakrasi
Ahahu purusakaram sankha cakrasi
Dharinam dharinam sahasra sirasam
Dharinam dharinam sahasra sirasam

Om Shanti, Om Shanti
Shanti shanti
Shantay Om

(repeat entire song)

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