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Australian Music in the 70s: Sherbet
Includes brief biography, timeline, and convert photos.
HowlSpace: Sherbet
Biography, and timeline.
Amazon offers Time Change / Natural Progression (Audio CD),25 August, 1998
Pop music artists |  Sherbet  | pop stars List price $17.99
The First Album / 5
I love the title track, Time Change and the Classics, You've Got the Gun and Free the People, Daryl's falsetto is amazing. The other tracks, Movie Star, Thinkin' About You and You're all Woman are also great. It is also nice to have a copy of the original album cover because in 72' I was only seven and I did not get the album until 75' when only the second cover was avaliable. More good memories
Song "Still In Love With You"
The only one who knew me well just left without a wor-ord
Walked out the door and took my heart away
Like emptiness of cloudless skies, miles of open sea
I can't replace this empty space in me
I was lost to see her leaving, left without a reason
I'm not sure that I can make it through

What am I to do
Here am I
I'm still in love with you
I don't know why

Lost in back street memories recalling love we ha-ad
A lonely man whose only plan went wrong
A broken mirror still reflects an image on the wa-all
Of a broken dream as only dreams can be
I'm not a great pretender to this feeling of surrender
I can't deny this love I have inside

What am I to do-oo
Here am I
I'm still in love with you
I don't know why, ooh-ooh

Tomorrow's just another day with nothing left to do
Where no one goes to be nowhere at a-all
I wonder if the day will come when I will find at la-ast
A way to give my love to someone else
But I can see a sad tomorrow, no end in sight for sorrow
All I see is deep and misty blue

What am I to do
Here am I
Still in love with you
I don't know why
What am I to do-oo
Here am I
Still in love with you
I don't know why-y-y
I'm still - in love...

The Meteor, The Stone And A Long Glass Of Sherbet
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