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Amazon offers Everywhere at Once (Audio CD),19 March, 1996
Pop music artists |  T Plimsouls  | pop stars List price $6.98
Worth owning but certainly not the best of the Plimsouls / 3
First, I have to take offense at the remarks made in the Amazon "product Description" by Chris Nickson... I quote; "Even the musical wasteland that was the '80s did offer up a few beacons of hope". Chris Nickson is obviously a moron who knows nothing about "80's" music. The 80's were a powerhouse decade for music in many ways. What other decade was there in which you had hits by artists from the previous 3 decades right along side those by the "new" artists? Roy Orbison, Kinks, Moody Blues, Rolling Stones, George Harrison, etc. All had huge hits on the same charts as U2, Duran Duran, Go-Go's, Devo, Stray Cats, Romantics, R.E.M etc.

The wave of absolute crap unleashed in the 90's (a real musical wasteland) helped to kill the music industry and pushed the mainstream into a gutter it hasn't risen from since!

At any rate, Mr. Nickson is correct about this CD, it is a beacon of hope for power-pop in the 80's. It isn't as good as earlier plimsouls releases or even as good as the stuff peter released with "the nerves" but it's a very good album worth owning.


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