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Rise N Shine: Online Extreme Fanzine
The fanzine for the band and its former members: Gary Cherone, Nuno Bettencourt, Pat Badger, Paul Geary and Mike Mangini. Features news, reviews, articles, interviews, photos, mailing list, fan stories and links.
The online home of Unconditionally fanzine and a comprehensive overall site offering news, features, fan profiles, a message board and links.
My Metal Guitar Tablature Archive
Tabs for over 20 songs by Extreme.
Rockin Tabs: Extreme
Guitar tabs for Extreme.
Celebrity Cafe: Extreme
Interview with Mike Mangini, drummer, about superstardom and joining an established band.
Willie's Extreme Adventures
Exclusive photos, personal stories, memorabilia and links. Extreme
Lyrics listed by album.
Seashells for Souls
The Official International Extreme Fan Club.
The Masta's Extreme Bass Tabs
Bass tab for the hard rock band Extreme.
The Extreme and Nuno page at Kramer's Korner
Contains news, tour dates, discography, lyrics, interviews, reviews and links.
Amazon offers Radioactive (Audio CD),02 August, 1995
Pop music artists |  Extreme  | pop stars List price $15.98
Great realese on c.d i need a 3pints / 4
I still have the original realese on earache records among them the Stupids,heresy,ripchord,unseenterror,napalm death this album is killer grind core the fathers of the grind scene Among early DISORDER,A must for new h.c grind core fans,remember this came out in 83 or 84?
Song "There Is No God"

so you're a self proclaimed messiah
or maybe a blasphemes liar
a clever hypnotic hoax
a hallowed heretic coax
who tells these stories so old
no, never the same twice told
speaking in distorted thruths
i see that thomas wants some proof
did you come to heal the sick
with one more magician's trick
ye generation seeks a sign
while blind keeps leading the blind

so you say there is no god
just a clever man's charade
a once upon a fairy tales fraud
has god made man or man made god

there is no god

confused thy talk in parables
accused thou walk in parallels
a simple game of simon says
this month's flavor sciences
today's fact, tomorrow's fiction
leave the rest to superstition
if knowledge comes from learning books
wisdom comes from discerning looks
a fool that says there is no god
don't feel for that sorry sod
who needs proof then he'll believe
i wonder if he's been deceived

there is no god

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You can't keep a good metal band down. On its recent European tour, Killswitch Engage was faced with a barrage of major obstacles including, but not limited to, miserable weather, lead singer Howard Jones's serious chest cold, and, the biggest blow, guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz's emergency back surgery in London.
TUMFest--Modern Jazz in Helsinki, January '07 (All About Jazz)
The third TUMFest of contemporary and experimental music was held January 26-28 mainly in the familiar surroundings of the rococo Savoy Theatre in downtown Helsinki, a cozy venue sheltering artists and audience from the typically extreme winter conditions outside; a second venue on Sunday was the renowned Church in the Rock, an environment partly carved out of the local red granite and, as its ...
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Town officials want to throw $25,000 dedication ceremony (Eagle-Tribune Online)
PLAISTOW - A $25,000 warrant article for a one-day celebration may seem a bit extreme, but local patriotism and historical significance could make all the difference on March 13.
Van Halen Reunion - It's Not Happening (WPVI-TV Philadelphia)
Van Halen fans are probably saying "Somebody Get Me a Doctor." The legendary rock band's reunion tour - with original vocalist David Lee Roth - has been called off, according to Rolling Stone.
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A s the cookie monster-bark-ing vocalist of the metalcore band Arma Angelus,...
Boat slip project will enhance city (St. Petersburg Times)
First, I must apologize for a letter that was mailed with my signature to 500 Clearwater voters. I would never intentionally set out to mislead the public under any circumstance.
Rock Revival (Pensacola News Journal)
Modern rockers Hinder scheduled to perform at Pensacola Civic Center with special guests Finger 11 and Black Stone Cherry.
From Boss to Beatles, trib bands have it covered (Philadelphia Daily News)
THIS WEEKEND, John Lennon is sharing a "Day In His Life" in South Jersey, the Doors will rattle for a sold-out crowd in Sellersville, while the music of Radiohead resonates in Princeton.

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