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He Comes Scattered
Includes a discography, pictures, biography, lyrics, and tablature. No longer updated.
Dotmusic Interview
An interview with Neil Finn from March 2001.
Official site includes photos, tour dates, multimedia, and other interactive content.
Neil Finn fan site with rare audio, video, tab, lyrics, pictures, and multimedia downloads.
Amazon offers 7 Worlds Collide - Live At The St. James (Audio CD),26 February, 2002
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Great after a few listens / 4
Upon first listen to this album I was fairly dissapointed. Initially, the vocals on the One All songs seemed weak and I didnt care for the work of Eddie Vedder on several other tracks. However, after a few more listens this album has become a favorite. Neil Finn's voice has an incredible pure resonance live and it shines brighter than any of the other vocalists who are not as strong. Vedder's renditions of Stuff and Nonsense and Parting Ways are surprising gems after a few listens. The Finn standouts are the cover of There is a Light That Never Goes Out (even better than the original), She Will Have Her Way, and Weather With You.


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