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Song "In Places On The Run"
All alone in bridge of silence
I suppose you shouldn't stay,
All alone in dream's asylum
Don't you know we've come a long way...

I suppose we were
Somewhere in the sun
We walked in coloured fields
In places on the run.
What a dream I had
Dressed in coloured shawls
THough the night was so warm
And a nightingale
Sat on a castle wall
While the river ran on
Calling - hearing you call
The river ran on
Running -
The river ran on.
It felt as if we were
In places yet unknown
We walked through the bazaars
In places on the run
What a dream I had
Walking by the wall
Oh the raiment and all
The stars that flickered by
Soon to be replaced
If I asked them they'd fall
Calling - hearing you call
The river ran on
Running -
The river ran on.
What a dream I had
Dressed in coloured shawls
Though the night was so warm,
And in the darkness I
Tried to take your hand
But it was nothing at all.
Nothing at all
The river ran on
Nothing at all.
The river ran on.

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