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Showdown - The ELO Mailing List
Private e-mail list for discussion of ELO, Jeff Lynne, Orchestra (formerly ELO Part II), and other projects these artists worked on.
The Electric Light Orchestra Appreciation Society Fansite
Timelines, Album Lyrics, Mailing List Hub, and Web Rings
Includes discography and pictures.
Wild West Hero
Argentinian fan site for Electric Light Orchestra, Jeff Lynne and related artists. Features biography, news, discography and bootlegs, photos, and a personal collection.
Info Depot
Frank West's fansite.
Mark's ELO Site
Includes biography and personal album collection.
Marco van Buuren's ELO Page
Sound files, band history, news and reviews. Extremely large files on this page will take a long time to download.
The Official Electric Light Orchestra Information Pages
Includes history, profiles, news, reviews, and software. Part of the official fan club.
Amazon offers Strange Magic: The Best of Electric Light Orchestra (Audio CD),11 April, 1995
Pop music artists |  ELO  | pop stars List price $19.98
Excellent / 5
I come back to this time and time again like an old friend.
Mr. Gray on 7 August 05 and Klause on 10 Aug. both give reflections of good, fun music. For those who disagree, I just have to say "listen" for there is very hard work put into this.

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Electric Light Orchestra Reviews on Yahoo! Music
Yahoo! Music is the best source of information about Electric Light Orchestra, including ringtones, bio, downloads, radio, discography, similar artists, ...
Electric Light Orchestra: All Over the World: The Very Best of ...
[Epic; 2005] Rating: 7.7 - Review by: Rob Mitchum. ... Electric Light Orchestra is one of those ubiquitous bands that could be due for a second glance, ... CD Review: Electric Light Orchestra - ELO II ...
Music: CD Review: Electric Light Orchestra - <i>ELO II</i> (Expanded Edition) - Founded in Birmingham, England, the band re-energized music by fusing ... Strange Magic: The Best of Electric Light Orchestra: Music
0 of 13 people found the following review helpful:. 1 out of 5 stars The Best of Electric Light Orchestra, September 6, 2005 ...
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Disc Notes (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
Ono , Yes, I'm a Witch , Astralwerks: The guests on Yoko Ono's first album since 2001 shouldn't surprise anyone -- it's a list of indie hipsters who owe some debt to her future-shock discography. Yes, I'm a Witch allowed the chosen few to ransack Ono's back catalog for a favorite song then reinterpret it as desired. From electro-clash vixen Peaches to the lysergic madness of the Flaming Lips, ...
POP MUSIC'S `SUPERGROUPS' (San Jose Mercury News)
Pop music has had lots of big names who've taken breaks from their regular gigs to join forces with other big names. The happy results are music's ``supergroups.'' Here's a select history of notable supergroups:
Review of Work: Out of the Blue: 30th Anniversary Edition (Orlando Weekly)
Say what you will about the music of the late ?70s, there?s no denying how great a musical year 1977 was. Besides stunning punk debuts like Never Mind the Bollocks, Pink Flag, The Clash and My Aim Is True , the post-bicentennial calendar was filled with dozens of other amazing releases: Rumours, Love Gun, Exodus, Bat Out of Hell, Trans-Europe Express, Slowhand, The Grand Illusion, Chic, Cat ...
New CDs due for release on Feb. 21 (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
? The Ataris, "Welcome the Night" (Isola/Sanctuary) ? AZ Presents Begetz, "Ghetto Pass" (X-Ray). Guests include 50 Cent. ? Toni Braxton, "The Essential Toni Braxton" (LaFace). Two-CD set. ? ...
Sending Out An S.O.S. (Cincinnati CityBeat)
A message (sans bottle) for The Police -- don't do it! To Mssrs. Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland and Gordon "Sting" Sumner,
Music Review: Melissa Ivey - Lovers and Stars (
The first thing you notice about Melissa Ivey is that this girl has a fine set of pipes. Inevitably, there will be the comparisons to Melissa Etheridge and Janis Joplin, but Ivey can hold her own with a unique voice. She and her band have put together an EP of tight rock tunes called Lovers and Stars , which was released last fall, and should be getting more attention than it has already. ...
Tuesday, February 20, 2007 (The Kalamazoo Gazette)
Reports vary on Oshtemo fire chief's condition Oshtemo Township Fire Chief Kenneth Howe was hospitalized after an early-morning blaze at his house. ---- Gazette Staff Reports
Music Review: Tim Fite - Over the Counter Culture (
Note: Over the Counter Culture is a free, digital-download-only release available at (as of 2/20/07). Tim doesn?t consider this overtly hip hop statement to be the proper follow-up to his genre-blending, folky debut Gone Ain?t Gone (2005). Also Note: Tim Fite is formerly one half of the comedy rap duo Little T & One Track Mike, probably best known for their 2001 single ...
A.M.Stir (The Florida Times-Union)
In every profession, there are taboos that just aren't crossed. In the world of stand-up comedy there's a simple rule - don't steal other comics' material.
Music Review: Electric Light Orchestra - Out of the Blue: 30th Anniversary E...
I got this preview CD in the mail to review last Tuesday, February the 13th, and wasn?t able to write a single word about it for three days. Why? Because I?ve become completely consumed by the incredibly clear memories of sights, smells, and sounds that listening to it repeatedly generates. The only way to describe it is that ?out of the blue? (pun intended) some pieces of music will cause ...

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