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The Divine Comedy interview - Neil Hannon
Interviewed in November 1999.
From Muse.
Roddy's Irish Music Show: The Divine Comedy
Interview with Neil Hannon.
The Liberator
News, gallery, lyrics and FAQs.
The Divine Comedy - Regeneration
Review of the new album by Neil Hannon et al, released on Parlophone on March 12th 2001.
Amazon offers Gin Soaked Boy Pt.1 (Audio CD),12 November, 1999
Pop music artists |  The Divine Comedy  | pop stars List price $11.99
soul stirring / 5
Its simply one of the most soul stirring tracks I have ever heard. The lyrics keep haunting once you've heard it. I want to keep hearing it again and again. I don't think I'll ever tire of this track.
Song "Someone"

When you first found love
Was it all that you wanted
For a thousand lonely years
Was the memory so sweet
Now your scented touch
Brings me back to the enchanted
The shadows fade away
The gypsy is complete

Someone is walking beside me
Someone is waiting til I say yes I do
Someone is living inside me
Giving me all that I need and I need you

Someone to cry on my shoulder
I just want to stay here forever

From the secret pool
Did I stare at your reflection
Let the water wash away
All the battle from my soul
For the bride of spring
Do I swear to your protection
Today will be the day
That shall never grow old


Someone to cry on my shoulder
I just want to stay here forever

Silence broken and the blackbird is free
Only your voice I hear, speak to me

Chorus (3 times)

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