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3rd Faze
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Review of Third Faze' self-titled debut. (November 2001)
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If you like pop groups like Play, No Secrets, and Dream Street, you should get this CD. But, personally, I think there are too many of these type of artists out already. None of them made it that far except the ones that changed to a sort of rock type of music like Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. I think you should try to do your own thing like Good Charlotte. I really don't think these girls will get that far. They have great voices and their songs are okay, but there is too much competition out there to be noticed. But, like I said, if you like pop music, try this out.
Song "Throw The Roses"
I've been thinkin about all the places that I've been.
And all the heartache that I've been through.
When the same thing about all these things.
It's not so easy without you.
Your love was everything to me.
When you were giving me roses.
All my friends would say don't give it up.
He'll come back in time.
But I really know its over.
And my heart just cant believe you wont be around her to love and hold me.
Throw the roses on me.
Throw them on me now.
Throw the roses on me.
Bury me now.
I need the roses.
Come on and bury me now.
I need the roses.

I believed in you.
You said you wouldn't be gone.
You took the best of me.
Left me for another.
You went and left me all alone.


You gave me a dozen.
You gave me oh yes now.
The roses don't mean a thing to me, that wanted to use to gather up the pain, thats just by you.


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