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Rock Publication: A Jim Creeggan Interview
Jim discusses his current band, the Barenaked Ladies and his solo project, the Brothers Creeggan with brother Andy.
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Contains a biography and pictures.
Amazon offers An American Prayer (Audio CD),23 May, 1995
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Makes an essential addition to any Doors fan's collection! / 5
First off, the Doors are one of the greatest bands ever (in my opinion they ARE the best) and Jim Morrison was not known completly as a poet but as a rock star this album is where he turns that in a complete 180. Jim actually only talked into a microphone but then The Doors added in music, Jim actually didn't intend for that, he meant this to be all him (the album of course). But what I don't get is that he always talks about c0cks with is pretty disturbing, i mean really couldn't Jim have left that out? Also, he says cun+ like 10 times on this thing... take it down a tat I mean honestly, but it IS Jim so 5 STARS!
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... to The Brothers Creeggan, Jim and Andy gradually discovered that as a duo, ... "Reactions from live audiences, comments via our web site, and reviews ...
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Reviews: 138. Average Rating: 9.52. Random Review: ... Words & Music by Andy Creeggan, Jim Creeggan, Steven Page, Ed Robertson & Tyler Stewart ...
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