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'biased view'!! / 5
I remember, as a young man, buying "Rise to the Occasion"... "Love Changes Everything"... and "I Won't Bleed For You" - as 'singles'.

I also remember wondering where Climie Fisher had disappeared to... shortly after then!!

Simon Climie is now Eric Clapton's 'producer', and I have to say that this is for a very good reason... he is a hugely talented man - just listen to Clapton's new album -Reptile!!!!!

I loved Climie Fisher in the 80's, and this album is the best 'summary' of their music, available today. I listen to it v.v. regularly, and I love it each time I do so!!!!!!

Song "Love Changes Everything"

I was only seventeen
when she looked at me that way
seems like yesterday

I was only foolin' round
but she stole my heart away
I never been the same

I have this strangest feeling
like a raging fire it burns
she left i cried for weeks and
I can't forget her
or the lesson that I learned

* Love changes changes everything
love makes you fly, it can break your wings
love changes changes everything
love makes the rules, from fools to kings
love changes, love changes everything

Then the year went rollin' by
I grew up and moved away
Had to earn my pay
Found another lover then
but my heart is sad to say
it only ended up the same way

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