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Ablazingly Cher
Includes photographs, a profile, filmography and desktop wallpaper.
Cher: Best 30 Sites
List of the 30 best Cher sites on the web as voted by you.
Cher by Enchantress7
Photographs, lyrics, tour information and dates.
Cher at BabeSites
BabeSites comprehensive list of Cher websites, featuring free links to pictures, biography, filmography, discography, real audio, videos, fan clubs, and autograph information.
Amazon offers The Very Best Of Cher (Audio CD),01 April, 2003
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Not bad for a surgically altered (ribless), now blonde, freakazoid / 2
I like some of her sixties stuff for the nostalgia. Many a spitball was shot on my middle school bus to the dulcet tones of Gypsys Tramps And Thieves. The later stuff? Well it's cool for a few ironic chuckles and fun to play at parties, but she's as musically relevant as The Village People and that's pushing it.
Song "L.A. Plane"

Seven thousand miles to Paris
Nine hundred more to Rome
And I'm gone every mile
To find peace of mind of home
This infatuation is driving me insane
Make my reservation
On the next L.A. by plane

Get me high, get me sane
Get me aboard that L.A. plane
I'm tired of this pouring rain
I'm tire of just passing through
Get me safe, get me warm
Get me a southern California morning
Where I was born
Babe, I'm coming
I'm coming home to you

He looked so fine in Europe
On all the posters and brochures
I thought the promises of some more
Then what was yours and mine
Well I was looking for excitement
On every boat and train
But all I fought were
All unfamiliar faces in the rain


And now nothing looks better in my mind
But you warm and loving face
All these miles have taught me
That your love can't be replace

[Chorus x2]

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