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Aubrie's Artificial Joy Club Page
Fan page with lyrics, concert reviews, articles, and the page author's personal comments.
Artist Direct: Artificial Joy Club
Includes biography, listening room, and a message board.
Artificial Joy Club
A brief fan page with a pictures, band member and album information, and links.
Artificial Joy Club
A fan's collection of lyrics from the Artificial Joy Club's debut album "Melt". Plus links.
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Song "Sick And Beautiful"

All the world¡¯s your ashtray, I¡¯m just your Marlboro.
Light me up then butt me, you¡¯re sick & beautiful.
It¡¯s Bamby meets Godzilla, a 3D free for all. Set me up then stomp me, you¡¯re sick & beautiful.
Squeeze me like your lemon, then mix with alcohol. Shake me hard then down me, you¡¯re sick & beautiful.

You¡¯re gravy with gasoline & wicked with whipping cream.

I need a quick fix, I¡¯m flashing like an instamatic, crusted like a worn out penthouse, your junk is habitual, you¡¯re sick & you¡¯re beautiful.

Bounce me hard & dunk me, I¡¯m just your basketball. Lay me up then heave-ho, you¡¯re sick & beautiful. Peel my bandage slowly, it¡¯s psychological.

You¡¯re napalm with novocain, a kite in a hurricane.


Leave me in a ditch like roadkill, or maybe we could switch the driver. Have some mercy and Kevorkian me to sleep.

You¡¯re cockroach with cabernet, but taste like a Milky Way. You¡¯re gravy with gasoline & wicked with whipping cream.


Artificial Joy Club Fan Page
See Text Links Below. Artificial Joy Club ... Im also doing a great album review of MELT for my online zine.....which goes out to hundreds..... sincerly, ...
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Discography for Artificial Joy Club - Reviews, Ratings, Artist Biography, Profile - List of Singles, EPs, Compilations, Bootlegs, and Lists.
Melt by Artificial Joy Club (lyrics & reviews)
Lyrics and reviews for the album Melt by Artificial Joy Club.
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