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Amazon offers Rise (Audio CD),27 September, 2005
Pop music artists |  Anoushka  | pop stars List price $18.98
Complex and exquisite / 5
We have been listening over and over again to "Rise", fascinated by the complex and exquiisitely beautiful interplay between Iadian and Western tones and instrumentation. Anoushka: Music
Editorial Reviews It's hard to imagine this record's release if Anoushka were not the sitar-playing daughter of superstar Ravi Shankar. ...
Anourag - Anoushka Shankar : Read reviews and compare prices at ...
Read reviews and compare prices for Anourag - Anoushka Shankar.
Review of Rise by: Anoushka Shankar
Asian Vibrations -> Reviews, Click To Buy Album Click Cover to Buy. Artist Name: Anoushka Shankar Album Name: Rise. Rate This Album: ...
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Read Reviews on Rise - Anoushka Shankar. Read consumer written reviews on thousands of other Music products and millions of other products and services ...
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Rhythm: Coming Attractions (Wisconsin State Journal)
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Successor to the Khan? (East Bay Express)
In late 2005, an eager crowd of music lovers, aging hippies, and artsy types gathered at the Berkeley City Club's upstairs theater. Despite some significant buzz, they didn't know exactly what to expect.

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