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Amazon offers Lisa Angelle (Audio CD),31 October, 2000
Country music artists |  Lisa Angelle  | music artists List price $16.98
WOW / 5
I LOVE this CD. My mom bought it for me. I have rarely taken it out of my CD player. I would gladly buy more music from Lisa Angelle. Her unique style is GREAT! I like all of the songs but my favorite three have to be 4,3,2,1 , Twisted and I Wear Your Love. I can't wait for her to put out another album!
Song "I Wear Your Love"
Rain, Rain, go away
Bring me a man and make him stay
I prayed - every night and day
Like Niagara Falls
Your nothin' short of a miracle
Like the Sistene Chapel walls
Your Love makes me beautiful
I wear your love - like a badge of honor
Like a two-tone leather on a sixty T-bird
I wear your love - like a suit of armor
Like the red, white and blue on the Fourth of July
I wear your love - I wear your love
I wear your love - I wear your love
Like the Smile on Mona Lisa baby
Everybody sees that I wear your love
Kiss me and turn me loose
Watch me light up the room
You'll see - your love makes me shine
Like Blue Bonnet blooms
Paint the Texas Prairie
Like the Mississippi moon
Baby, you love covers me
I wear your love - I wear your love
I wear your love - I wear your love

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