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Amazon offers No Fences (Audio CD),21 November, 2000
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Review: Garth Brooks, No Fences / 5
No Fences is one of the best albums that Garth Brooks has ever created. He managed to record an album that appealed not only to his normal country listeners, but the pop crowd as well. This is shown through the album's sales and numerous number one hit singles. The title of this album shows off Garth's ability to not be pinned down to any one type of music style. This is shown by contrasting "Friends in Low Places" with "Thunder Rolls". While "Friends in Low Places" is a fun and energetic song to be played in a local country bar, "Thunder Rolls" has a much more serious and somber tone because it is about a cheating husband.

While there is no question that Garth is a country artist (in fact many consider him to be THE country artist), he also tries to tie in other sounds from other genres into his music. This is evident in his number #1 single of all time, "Friends in Low Places". He combines his tried and true county sound with a lead guitar, piano, and a violin to create a catchy tune that almost anyone can enjoy.

The main reason Garth is as big an artist as he is because of his voice. He can make you cry and be overjoyed all with his voice in a matter of minutes. The song "Unanswered Prayers" is about how lucky he was to have his initial prayers of love unanswered, because it lead to him finding true love and his wife. While listening to the song, you cannot help but feel the passion that he does while he sings.

Song "Right Now"
And I, I notice the tapestries on the wall as well
And I, I stand up and hit my head on the mobile
And you, you look around too
And we, time passes easily

I've opened up my mind
So you can step inside
You can expect to find
A scenic ride

Pointyhead pizzeria perfect penetration
Mezcal cuts off my brain communication
Belligerence, lost my intellegence
Talkin mess like shut up and listen to me
Because cuttin' through the crap is my specialty
Like a bomb I'm droppin yes a ton a lead
You're tryin' to figure out the last thing I said
I'm a Redwood, I love to be a tree yes I'm a Druid
My words they're flowin' out like a fluid
Never give in never conform
I'll be bustin out rhymes in a triplet form
Right Now

In another room, I sit and contemplate
That winter night, my words were filled with hate
In second sight, I should have known my fate
But it's allright, now we're in a different state


Expiate, to make amends for hostilities
It's easy to see that for me, in reality
I'm not one of those fools
With an ecclesiastical whitewash
To set my ethical standards
You'll never cathc me lookin' to Ann Landers
Or Moses or the law or even Buddha
If there's one thing I know
It's always be true to myself
And learn from experience
Educated by nights of violence, trips to jail,
Broken knuckles and friendships
But that gives me the power to write a groove that rips
Right Now
I Am

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