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Beatles Reunion 1973 / 5
Ringo Starr: The fouth Beatle, the luckiest musician ever, etc. The list goes on and on for names that you can give Ringo about his career in the Beatles.

What about his solo career?

Well, out of the four careers of the band members after 1970, Ringo will probably never be considered one of the best or most consistent throughout his career. He will always, however, have the great distinction of making the best single solo-Beatle record. How can this be? How can the low-key drummer with the limited vocal range make the best album, over music giants McCartney, Lennon, and Harrison???

A Beatles reunion.

Mind you, the Beatles never recorded together again after 1970, Ringo brought all of the Beatles backto record separately for his album "Ringo." Other stars like Billy Preston and Linda McCartney show up to lend a hand to Ringo. Add a great list of bonus tracks and you have probably the most consistant solo Beatle album up there with "Band on the Run," "All Things Must Pass," and "Imagine."

1. I'm The Greatest: John and George show up with Ringo at lead on this wonderfully comical and fun track. A great opener. 9 Starrs.
2. Have You Seen My Baby: Ringo rocks out on this excellent track. It has a great balance of wild electric guitars and bouncy piano. 8.5 Starrs.
3. Photograph: Ringo at pop perfection. With help from George, Ringo makes a beautiful number one hit with ringing guitars and a sweet, slow beat. I love that sax, too! 9.5 Starrs.
4. Sunshine Life for Me (Sail Away Raymond): This twangy country-style tune has an infectious shorus and brilliant backing by George, who weaves his voice around Ringo's seamlessly. 9 Starrs.
5. You're Sixteen: Just like the Beatles made "Twist and Shout" their own hit a decade before, Ringo turns this bouncy tune into his own number one hit. The kazoo only adds to the charm! 10 Starrs.
6. Oh My My: Trust me, Ringo knew how to boogie in '73. This a funky original song with a truly dancable beat. 9 Starrs.
7. Step Lightly: To me, it's more like a step down. A quiet and refined number that slows down the wild action of the previous songs. Still a good song. 8 Starrs.
8. Six O'Clock: Paul joins Ringo in this airy pop tune. It may not be a "Photograph," but it is certainly a presentable song, especially with Paul's excellent backing. 8.5 Starrs.
9. Devil Woman: The pace speeds up again with this wild and slightly repetitive track. The guitar mixes well with the marvelous backing horns. 8.5 Starrs.
10. You and Me (Babe): Another slow number to effectively close the original album. But wait! There's more! 8.5 Starrs.
11. It Don't Come Easy: Ringo's first true hit. It's a uptempo number with a great performance by Ringo. A true Ringo hit. 9.5 Starrs.
12. Early 1970: A biographical number about his former bandmates. Ringo's country-tinged style shines on this track. 8.5 Starrs.
13. Down and Out: An enjoyable but repetitive song. It can grow on you! Just give it some time. You'll love the piano. 8.5 Starrs.

Overall: 9.5 Starrs. Certainly, it is the most consistant and well planned album of the solo Beatles. A definite for any fan of Ringo, the Beatles, or the solo Beatles.

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