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Includes biography, discography, and message board.
Semi-official page endorsed by the band
Information about Tom Cullinan's new band Quickspace, a.k.a. Quickspace Supersport.
Southern Records
Profile and discography.
Amazon offers The Death of Quickspace (Audio CD),21 March, 2000
Pop music artists |  Quickspace  | pop stars List price $15.98
Nice follow-up to Precious Falling / 3
it's not good as Precious Falling but has its strong moments anyway... most notably THEY SHOOT HORSE DON'T THEY and CLIMBING A HILL...
they would highlight any prog-rock classic, but whose overall value is diminished by too many flaccid "experiments". Howaver, The Lobbalong Song, Munchers No Munchers, Gloriana and The Munchers mix psychedelia and Pere Ubu and demonstrate solid improvement in songwriting.

Quickspace: The Death of Quickspace: Pitchfork Review
[Matador] Rating: 8.3 - Review by: Ryan Schreiber.
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reviews. Critic's Review. Heather Phares, All Music Guide. The US release of Quickspace is something of an improvement over the UK version, as it adds two ...
Quickspace : Pissed off Boy - Listen, Review and Buy at ARTISTdirect
Pissed off Boy reviews and sound clips on the ARTISTdirect Network.,,3594402,00.html

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