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Amazon offers Changes (Audio CD),30 September, 2003
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I must admit on first sordid glance I thought "hey this girl has an attitude I like" but after listening to this album a few times I realised there are 2 songs on here which are just suitable for kareoke and they are not even that good.

I mean ok her dad IS Ozzy osbourne. Well hey MY dad was nearly in the f***ing beatles but lets not compare lives, No I dont have a pinkiller addiction, I am not a rock chick who is soo keeping it real she has pals like Justin timberlake and christina Aguilera. Yes CHRISTINA AGUILERA Dont let that absolute fake bust up at the MTV awards fool you they are really pals Dont belive for a minute that they are not bum chums.

I would have had a lot more respect for her if she had kept the same sound for a least another album but no.

Record company realise 2nd single didnt do so well so lets have a re-imagining and make her chic 80's disco synth siren. NO I dont buy it for a minute.

Now for the truth about this dire album. From the beginning when she wanted to title the album "Buy me", to its original title "shut up" (thats independence for you) to finally it's change of title "Changes" Cashing in on her dad's fame yet again with an Album rereleased with a UK number 1 single which was released spookily around the time her dad nearly died in a quad bike accident. Shuh. So they name her album after Changes and punt another 100,000 copies.

So there it is can you hear the cash registers behind the reception of the osbourne reality show clinking. I can! - Discography - Kelly Osbourne - Sleeping in the Nothing
News, Reviews, Hot Product, New Releases, RIAA Certifications, Industry Awards ... 6, Edge of Your Atmosphere, Perry, Linda/Osbourne, Kelly, 3:45 ...
Kelly Osbourne - Kelly Osbourne quits singing
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