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Amazon offers Shimmer (Audio CD),16 February, 1999
Pop music artists |  Natasha's Ghost  | pop stars List price $12.99
this girl kicks ass!! / 5
heard the album shimmer on the soundtrack to "A family affair* lesbian film, waited to the end of the film to find out who this girl was singing right through the film and got to the credits and there was the i raced to the computer and buy the cd, since it ain't available in Australia ( where i am from ) so it is on it's way to me now...cannot wait to hear it on my cd player up loud, instead of on the tv all the time...

the music and words are her music! : all reviews for Falling Up by Natasha's Ghost
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... If you have any corrections, additions or any other info on Natasha's Ghost, please email ... Tattoo The Earth Pictorial. Latest CD Reviews. ... : song profile for Falling Up by Natasha's Ghost
Band: Natasha's Ghost Genre: Alternative Rock (Alternative Pop) [download MP3] · [add to playlist] · [view reviews] · [send to friend] ...
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