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Song "Denise"



I know this girl named Denise
She makes me weak at the knees
She drives a lavender Lexus
She lives in Queens but her dad lives in Texas

(sha la la la la la la)
When she holds me
(sha la la la la la la)
I can't help myself
(sha la la la la la la)
Won't you tell me
Do you love me Denise?
Do you love me Denise?
Oh baby tell me please
(do ya do ya ah-oh do ya do ya)

I heard she used to be married
She listens to Puff Daddy
She works at Liberty Travel
She got a heart made of gravel

(sha la la la la la la)
She controls me
(sha la la la la la la)
She can't help herself
(sha la la la la la la)
Won't you tell me
Do you love me Denise?
Do you love me Denise?
Oh baby tell me please
(do ya do ya ah-oh do ya do ya)

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FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE, ''Someone To Love'' The lead single from this power-pop quartet's upcoming fourth album is every bit as catchy as their 2003 breakthrough hit ''Stacy's Mom,'' and its sharply observed lyrics make it clear why Fountains were critical favorites long before they turned up on MTV. Songwriters Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood pack this tale of two yuppies with spot-on ...
Keeping it all in the family (Boston Globe)
Given their family's musical history and sheer size, it's not a shock that the three O'Malley brothers who make up the Safes -- Frankie , 33; Patrick , 30; and Michael , 29 -- formed a rock band. What is surprising is that they didn't start a marching band.
Fountains Of Wayne Endure Traffic And Weather (IGN Music)
New album slated for April. February 8, 2007 - On April 3rd, 2007 Virgin Records will release the new album from Fountains of Wayne.
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pr-inside reports: A headline from The National Enquirer reads, "BRITNEY ATTEMPTS SUICIDE. THE DRAMATIC RESCUE THAT SAVED HER LIFE." According to various reports, which detail the Enquirer's story: "The source for Enquirer claimed, 'After she shaved off her hair, Britney had a complete breakdown and tried to kill herself.'"
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Published Feb 16, 2007 - 13:51:57 CST. Now, this is a romantic comedy.
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America is back. Yes. THAT America. "A Horse With No Name." "Ventura Highway." "Muskrat Love."
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Who would have thought that Hugh Grant could sing? But he proves he can, as he joins with Drew Barrymore in a delicious Valentine's week bonbon called "Music and Lyrics." This triple-threat treat works as a traditional romantic comedy, as a satire of a pop music world that holds Britney Spears as a megastar, and even as a musical.
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Valentine's Day always brings its share of predictable romantic comedies, but "Music and Lyrics" proves to be a little better than expected - tastefully formulaic, yet charismatic and witty.

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