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Bryan Ferry: A Washington Lad
Bryan Ferry was born and educated in Washington, Tyne-Wear, England. View photographs of places associated with Bryan in Washington and of Bryan in concert at Adelaide, Australia.
Bryan Ferry
The official website, contains biographies of Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry, merchandise links, gallery, tour dates, and guestbook.
Amazon offers Another Time, Another Place (Audio CD),28 March, 2000
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Odd-ball or goof-ball? / 4
This is one heck of a strange album. I'm not really sure what to make of it, and I think that's a good thing. Sometimes, I find myself oddly moved by the songs. Ferry's quavering take on "Smoke Gets in your Eyes" IS weird, but almost definitive. It raises goosebumps. Sometime, I find myself laughing at the album. Ferry sings "What A Wonderful World" like he's mad at the song. It's not really a bad thing, but I just wonder what he was thinking or what sound he was going for. "You are My Sunshine" displays the silly-serious dichotomy within the same song: at times, it's touching, at times laughable. It seems like Ferry set out to prove that some songs are just SO good, no matter how strangely you sing them, you can't diminish thier power. That sentiment, in fact, sums up this album. Definitely odd,(even by Ferry/Roxy standards) probably goofy, but to my ear, excellent in its own idiosyncratic way. Camp and schmaltz have always been a part of the Ferry/Roxy music pantheon, and they are played to the forefront here. That said, the musicianship is fantastically professional, the arangements deep and eclectic, the recording (of course) pristine, and the title track (a Ferry original) one of the best things he's ever sung.

For extra laughs, check out the liner notes. The credit "Cover Concept By Bryan Ferry" really had me giggling. I could just imagine him saying (in... British accent) "hey guys, I'm so damn handsome, Let's just get a shot of me dressed like the Great Gatsby with a come-hither-look on my face standing in front of a swimming pool. That would make a great cover." And you know what? In a way, it did?
Song "In Your Mind"

Hark the frozen chimes of winter
Crystal shimmer in your mind

To the first time when you saw her
You implored her to be kind

In the open fields around you
All before you gone to ground

Both the question and the answer
Deep inside you - you shall find

And while you're strollin'
Through the summer of your years
Enchanted, a garden overgrown
Don't call me sentimental
Those of you who care
Could find there a lover and a the end

And if you're taken
by the sprit of your age
No reason to carve a cornerstone
Sway me, trade me
Your philosophy-
First you're sowin'
Then you're growin'
Then you reap......until you sleep

Will you scale the silver studded mountain
Where contemplation'll spring to mind
See the veiled prophet's withered gaze
Reflect the "nouvelle-vague"
Glazed visions imprisoned in your mind

Unwinding rivers flowing through the meadows
To the sea - paths of glory
Through shifting glades to fall

Present laughter and the memory
Of troubles you have seen
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