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Amazon offers Seven & The Ragged Tiger (Audio CD),05 August, 2003
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Hellraiser can go to Hell / 1
Blue Racer: Folks, these freaks called Duran Duran were no match for Ozzy. Japanese Beetle: Serpent Son, you are right. Duran Duran were only popular from 1983-85. Ozzy is a LEGEND ever since 1970. Blue Racer: The last reviewer is jealous of great reviewer Terrence. Japanese Beetle: Exactly, Ozzy saved Terrence's soul from becoming a wuss unlike last guy who gets guys from The Blue Oyster! Blue Racer: The Reflex and Union Of the Snake are dated unlike Bark at the Moon. Japanese Beetle: Avoid these freaks or HAASAH(Karate chop), SAYONARA!
Song "Buried In The Sand"
Can’t say that I was surprised
When you broke the ties
They were hanging by a thread
But now I have realized
It couldn’t be the same
Cause everything has changed
And still I held out my hand
Tried to pull you back
But you were buried in the sand

I’m glad that you came along
But here our journey ends
I say goodbye to you
My very dear friend

You were buried in the sand.
Head buried in the sand.
You were buried in the sand.
Head buried in the sand.
You are buried in the sand.

Guide Review: Duran Duran - Greatest [DVD]
Duran Duran just released a collection of their videos in a collection called "Greatest." Check out my review on this collection to find out what to ... Greatest: Music
Editorial Reviews While English pop monarchs Duran Duran have remained active for two decades, it's clear that the indomitable ensemble was at ...
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"Music and Lyrics," - Hugh Grant's latest stab at playing Hugh Grant in a romantic comedy - opens with a music video that looks like it's out of the vaults of Duran Duran or A Flock of Seagulls...
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Mark your calendars if you?re planning to be traveling on July 7, 2007 because you just might be in place for one of the hottest events on the planet.
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By Melissa Ruggieri Elliott Yamin fans can finally hear his first full-length original creation. "Movin' On" is streaming at (simply enter his name in the search engine), as are snippets of two other songs from his March 20 debut.
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