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Finn World
Finnatic from North West of England. Crazy about Neil and Tim Finn, Crowded House, Split Enz.
Something So Finn
Dedicated to Crowded House and all things Finn. Includes: live discography, interview transcripts, traders, lyrics and tab, links, pictures and sound clips.
Crowdies House
Based in England; includes information, gigs, photos, and reviews.
Tongue In the Mail
Home of the Crowded House e-mail list.
Finndex (Crowded House, Finn, Enz & others)
Alphabetised listing of all things Finn.
Recurring Dream
UK based tribute; news and reviews, samples, pictures and forthcoming events.
Crowded House Tour Dates
Reunion Tour 2k North American tour dates in support of the Afterglow release.
Crowded Enz
Crowded House and Split Enz tribute band in Perth, Western Australia. Includes set list and gig dates.
Not the Farewell To The World
The results of the 'You Win Nothing!' (tm) contest for 1997. The aim was to suggest staging that should have happened at the final Crowded House concert in Sydney in 1996; the best were collected into this final version of the concert.
Amazon offers Temple of Low Men (Audio CD),23 July, 1996
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Song "I’m Still Here"
I'm still here
I won't go away
I'm still here
I've come to rain on your parade
I'm still here
It's getting late
Well, I'm still hangin' round
Keepin' my fingers crossed
I still wanna get laid

Metromix. Crowded House
3. Click "submit" to send your review to our editors. Note: Reviews will not go live ... Crowded House. Is House of Sushi and Noodles worth a big wait? ...,0,1667674.story?coll=mmx-reader_reviews_utility
Moxy Fruvous - Fruhead.Com: - Review of "Crowded House/Neil Finn"
Review of "Crowded House/Neil Finn" ... Crowded House (and, after their 1996 breakup, The Finn Brothers, then Neil Finn) have the kind of songs that could ...
Crowded House MP3 Downloads - Crowded House Music Downloads ...
Crowded House MP3 Downloads - offers legal Crowded House music ... 3 reviews, your score. If you can see this, your browser does not support flash. ...
Crowded House DVD-Audio and SACD Reviews
High Fidelity Review - Crowded House DVD-Audio and SACD Reviews.
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CONCERT REVIEW: Billy Joel does justice to decades of hits (Tennessean)
The Piano Man last night entranced a crowded house, wrapping hit after hit around a warm, funny comic routine for a show that kept fans in their seats until the last encore had ended.
No swan song; new beginning (Daily Bulletin)
THE DREAM isn't quite over yet. In case you haven't heard, Crowded House, which scored a pair of top 10 pop chart hits here in 1987 ("Don't Dream It's Over," "Something So Strong") has reunited.
Music Notes (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
Plan 9 in Carytown is launching a monthly series of in-store performances by local artists. "Local Music Spotlight" begins Saturday at 1:30 p.m. with Conshafter , A New Dawn Fades and Robert Parker Vaughan . The shows will take place on a Saturday each month with different performers.
The Police fill out a retro-tour lineup (USA Today)
A spring and summer tour season already rich in band reunions just got hotter, as The Police joined a growing list of baby-boomer and Gen-X rock faves hitting the road. Van Halen, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against the Machine, Crowded House and The Stooges had all previously announced plans to get their acts back together this year.
Reunions -- best and worst (USA Today)
I have been, of late on Thursdays, listing 10 albums I've recently heard that I think are worth your attention. This week, owing to a combination of less time for listening and a relatively undistinguished batch of albums that came...
Review: Intocable thrills and serenades audience (San Antonio Express-News)
Norteno group Intocable serenaded a crowded house at the AT&T Center on Sunday night with songs of sadness and solitude, hope and devotion.
2007 Calvin Awards: Best Album (Box Office Prophets)
This category celebrates the best in music this year, going to that ever increasingly obsolete unit of music, the album.
These bands are back but for how long? (USA Today)
Check your rear view. Vintage bands that rocked the 20th century are jamming the road in 2007. Success largely depends on price points, says Ray Waddell, Billboard's senior editor of touring. "Curiosity works up to about $75," he says. But "sometimes an act is so big and important, price is not an object, like The Police." USA TODAY's Edna Gundersen and Ken Barnes offer a rundown of the year's ...
Reunited Police to start world tour in May (
LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Reunited rock trio the Police said Monday they would launch a world tour in May, more than 20 years after frontman Sting angered his bandmates by leaving for a solo career.
Rock trio the Police reunite at Grammys (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
Rock trio the Police played their first major public show in more than 20 years on Sunday, when they opened the Grammy Awards ceremony, whetting fans' appetite for an expected world tour.

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