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Amazon offers Manna (Audio CD),23 August, 2006
Pop music artists |  Bread  | pop stars List price $11.99
a really interesting effort, but ultimately uneven / 3
Bread broke through commercially in 1970 with the David Gates-penned classic "Make It With You" which was released as a single in March of that year. "Make It With You" then went on to appear on Bread's second album "On The Waters" which is quite a showcase as far as the David Gates-penned material is concerned, but unfortunately that is not the case for the material by James Griffin and his writing partner Robb Royer.

"Manna", Bread's 3rd album, was originally released in March of 1971. There's a heck of a lot going on stylistically here which gives the album sort of a tug-of-war feel, and although the results are ultimately uneven, it's still a really interesting effort. As far as the songwriting is concerned, the album is split down the middle, with 6 tunes written solely by Gates and the remaining 6 written by the Griffin/ Royer pairing.

On the whole, Gates is in pretty strong form here with his compositions. His weakest tune on the album by far is "He's A Good Lad"--it's got a lightweight McCartney-esque feel to it, but unfortunately it's annoyingly slight and dull, with toothless and excessively repetitive lyrics. The album-opening "Let Your Love Go" had been released as a single in late 1970 and peaked at #28--it's certainly catchy, but the attempt at a punchy and relatively hard-rocking sound sounds somewhat forced. "Come Again" is an extremely ambitious tune, starting off as a stately classical-inspired ballad, shifting into a jazzy nightclub feel, and containing a complexly melodic instrumental segment with piano and orchestration--it's quite intriguing, with impressive and effective melodicism, but unfortunately the song's melodrama takes away much of its impact. Gates does come up with three irresistible songs--there's the somewhat roots rock-flavored "She Was My Lady" in which he delivers an excellent echoing lead vocal and savvy lead guitar soloing; the breezy pop-rocker "What A Change" which has him soaring up to a blissful falsetto on the choruses; and of course, the immortal "If", a heart-wrenching, transcendant ballad of eternal devotion, fittingly enchanced by the 'underwater'-sounding electric guitar.

As for the Griffin/ Royer combo, they're showing signs of improvement over their "On The Waters" material, although Gates' production and arranging probably deserve a considerable amount of the credit for this, and the results still leave a lot to be desired. "Take Comfort" moves back and forth between a relatively hard-rocking section and a ballad section--the rockier part does have a catchy melody, but the song's 'meaningful' lyrics are lame-brained and obvious, and Griffin's typically overwrought vocals make them sound even worse. They go for edginess on the lustful, R&B-flavored "Be Kind To Me", but the tune sounds considerably like a throwaway, with lame lyrics and excess repetition of the title. They do come up with an engaging moody ballad with "I Say Again", a nice acoustic-based pop-rocker "Too Much Love", plus a couple other respectable tunes--the orchestrated ballad "Live In Your Love"; and the relatively revved-up album closer "Truckin'" which is typically overwrought but reasonably catchy.

In the end, "Manna" has its moments for sure, but it's frustratingly disjointed, with uneven songwriting. The 1995 CD release on Rhino does sweeten the pot with excellent, extensive liner notes and a typically valiant remastering effort--try to track it down for a reasonable price if you're a big-time Breadhead.

Song "Hold Tight"
Hold tight
I wanna dance with you this whole night
I hope the music never slows up
I hope this place don't never close up

Hold tight
'Cause you're the only one who feels right
Girl I know it's now or never
I wanna dance with you forever

So hold on tight - never let me go, baby
'Cause I can feel the rhythm of your love
And when you get yourself in motion
Girl it's tearin' my emotions right in two

Hold tight
And we will dance into the moonlight
All the stars they will surround us
We will be so glad we found us

So hold on tight - never let me go, baby
'Cause I can feel the rhythm of your love
And when you get yourself in motion
I get lovin' notions all for you - yes I do

Hold tight
And we will dance into the moonlight
I hope the music never slows up
I hope tomorrow never shows up

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