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Song "Solitaire"
I still remember how much, I used to need you
Tried so hard to please you, but you didn't need me
You knew I loved you - you knew I, always would be there
You just - did what you wanted, you didn't care-are

All the cards were held by you, there was nothin' I could do
All those nights I sat alone, starin' at the telephone
Wonderin' were you ever comin' hoooome

Solitaire, it got so lonely
Solitaire, no one to hold me
Where were you when I played solitaaaiiire?

It took some time but I stopped, thinkin' about you
Started livin' without ya, now look who's back here
You've had a change of heart, well, mine just couldn't wait
No no, you found out you loved me, just a little too late

Once the cards were held by you
Now there's nothin' you can do-oo
All those nights you sit alone, starin' at the telepho-one
Wonderin' if I'm ever comin' hoooome

Solitaire, see what it's like now
Solitaire, to cry all night now
Solitaire, see how it feels to beeeaaar

Solitaire, it gets so lonely
Solitaire, you wanna hold me
Don't wait up, 'cause babe, I won't be theeerrre

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Branigan returned to the public eye in 2002, earning rave reviews with her portrayal of Janis Joplin in the hit ... NAME, Branigan, Laura. ALTERNATIVE NAMES ...
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